What`s the Best Wireless Speaker?

What s the Best Wireless Speaker?
What is the Best Wireless Speaker?  

Every single one of us is walking around with a smart phone in our pocket these days. It has changed our lives like nothing else and besides checking e-mail listening to music is one of our favorite pastimes.

What if you want to share this music experience with others around you, when you are having a small party with a group of friend for instance? Are there good alternatives to amplify the music that is generated by your phone? And if so, what’s the best wireless speaker to share the music you so deeply love?

Best Wireless Speaker

Before diving into the story what the best wireless speaker is you have to ask yourself a question; What are you going to use the speaker for. Will you take it outdoors or is it main use indoors. The reason why this is important is that the best wireless speakers are using wifi to connect to their source (for instance your iPhone).
In general, these type of speakers are wireless in the sense that do not directly connect to the source but they do have a power-cord to get their energy.

These speakers are powerful and they would not last long on batteries as they are much stronger. They will also produce better quality sound and are in general louder. An example of this is the Sonos Play:5 which is often prices at a discount at Amazon.

Read our full Sonos Play:5 Review here.

Best Bluetooth Speaker

If you are planning to take your speaker outdoors I suggest to take a Bluetooth speaker. The problem with Bluetooth is that even the best speakers are limited in the range they can be away from the source. In general this is about 10 yards/meters. This makes it difficult to have the speaker in one room and your phone in another. Airplay is using wifi which allows you to move around and control the speaker as long as you are within the range of the router.

The advantage of Bluetooth speakers is that they are far easier to set up. There are no additional apps or hardware needed to make the product work. Two of the best Bluetooth speakers available at the moment are the Bose SoundLink II and the Jawbone BIG Jambox.

We have written our own full independent reviews on the the Bose SoundLink II, JawBone BIG Jambox and all other popular wireless speakers.

Best Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Wireless Bluetooth speakers are becoming the norm these days when listening to music from your smartphone or tablet. These products in the article have quickly cultivated a reputation for being among the highest quality around. This has helped to explain why these speakers have maintained such a high level of consumer popularity.

There are now many different wireless speakers out on the market, so consumers may be looking for which of these will best suit their needs. Most people will just be impressed by the full array of choices that they may have going forward.

Consumers should research some of these wireless speakers, since this may reveal some key differences for people to understand. Here you can find what we think are the three best wireless Bluetooth speakers. If this isn’t enough, you can find our complete list of wireless speaker reviews here.

If consumers have the budget for it, the SoundLink Bluetooth Mobile Speaker II may be one of the best models out on the market. This is because it features some impressive sound quality, even when the speakers are turned up to their highest level.

All of this powerful sound will be belted out of speakers that are fairly compact as well. Owners will be able to set these up in a compact location around their homes.

This can help people get the perfect addition to a home theater system as well. It features a built-in rechargeable battery, which will help owners make sure that they get repeat use out of these systems. It does come standard with a protective cover, but this can be removed or changed out for a different style.

Jawbone BIG JAMBOX Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

This model has some impressive features that will help it stand apart from nearly all other models out on the market. It has a unique design, bearing a cubical look to it.

But even though the manufacturers placed a lot of emphasis on style, it does have some impressive output to it. This device offers portability and its compact design will fit in to almost any location.

Most people will be impressed by the auxiliary input features, which will make it fairly simple to use. It does have business grade speakerphone capabilities, which will allow it to function in a variety of different roles. There is also a smaller version of the Jambox available.

The Jawbone BIG Jambox will set you back $299. The smaller version retails at $149. Keep a close an eye on the offers you can get on Amazon as often there are discounts available.

JBL Flip Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Most consumers will immediately be impressed by the price tag of the JBL Flip, which retails for about $100.

It also tends to carry one of the smallest overall designs of any wireless Bluetooth speaker system. This has enabled the device to feature some surprisingly high quality output relative to its size.

It also has its own unique design, which will look perfect when placed next to a high definition theater system. In an innovative new feature, the JBL Flip model can actually be used whether it has been placed horizontally or vertically.

This can help it fit in with a compact amount of space in a home. Most home owners will appreciate the chance to have a speaker system that just fits with their style as well.

Amazon Basics Bluetooth Speaker Review

What can we say about the esthetics; the AmazonBasics Bluetooth Speaker is a box. It actually doesn’t look that bad at all and feels pretty well made. The design does make the speaker robust and it will not fall over when there is a small breeze.

What’s pretty handy is that it also functions as a speaker phone. This allows you to take phone calls via the speaker. It has a built in microphone which makes the speaker an alternative for group meeting as well.
The AmazonBasics is a bit larger than some of the ultra-portable speakers.

Don’t worry, it still fits in your bag but it will be a bit larger than The Oontz Curve for instance. In return you get a speaker that handles bass much better.

The sound quality is good. It handles bass very well and quality doesn’t drop that much when the volume is raised.

  • The battery life of 8 hours is pretty decent. In most cases you don’t have to worry about recharging throughout the day if you bring it fully charged.
  • Below you can find a video where the Amazon Basics is getting compared to the Jabra Jambox.

The Verdict
Good entry speaker at a very decent price. It can compete with some of the higher price range speakers. It’s not the best wireless speaker given all price ranges but it’s definitely in the top 5 for wireless speakers under $100.

Are you looking for the best wireless speaker? Than have a look at our Bose SoundLink Mini Review. Be prepared to spend a little bit more as well if you want perfect sound and stellar design.

Best Selling Wireless Speakers

Summer has started! That asks for a comparison of three speakers that are portable enough to take them to the park, beach and anywhere else where you need a quick and easy way to amplify the music on your smartphone (or any other device you use to carry you favorite music).

Oh, on top of that, we want them to be water resistant as we bring our speakers to the pool.

The last few months the Bose SoundLink Mini has been on top of our monthly wireless speaker charts. This month, we will NOT list it as we find it to expensive of a speaker to bring it near water. In the park, it will survive. Handled with care it could also do well on the beach.

However, we don’t recommend using it close to the waterside as a splash of water might damage its interior electronics.

Don’t get me wrong, we still consider it the best wireless speaker but for the categories we are testing today we don’t think it’s resistant enough. You can buy a protective casing (see here) but we considered that cheating for determining who would rank in this category.

You might ask yourself:
What wireless speakers do you recommend for outdoor use near water venues?

TDK Life on Record A33 Wireless Weatherproof Speaker

This speaker has all the making of being the ultimate summer speaker. It’s water resistant (if you don’t believe me, check out the video below), has powerful sound (something you need to blast the neighbors away) and is still portable enough to carry around.

When you have this speaker in your hands it immediately feels sturdy and well-made. It has a battery that is advertised to last 6 hours but we’ve experinced up to

This makes it possible to carry it with you (and play) for most of the day without recharging.

Currently the TDK A33 sells at $129 which is pretty reasonably priced for such a good speaker.

  • What do costumers say about the TDK A33:
  • Sound is great as is the battery life
  • Wife wants to buy several as future Christmas gifts
  • The sound is great even at higher volumes

Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell 2.0

This speaker is similar to the TDK A33 water resistant. It has all the same perks that makes it as desirable. However, we find this speaker just a little bit less sturdy. We haven’t had the opportunity yet to see how it will resist being used over and over again. A positive result there might change our opinion.

Price Disclaimer
We have to admit that it looks pretty cool. The sound it delivers is great and full as well so we wouldn’t call anybody out for buying this speaker.

We will give this guy a proper test over the next few months to see how it withstands intensive usage. Given our experience so far (a few days) we are more than comfortable putting it at the second place. We did do a review on it’s predecessor. The first version of the Turtle Shell.

What do customers say about the Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell 2.0:

  • Its rubberized base makes it shock resistant, and the speaker grille has holes small enough to resist accumulating grit
  • Completely blown away by this little item
  • Great that it is water resistant and dust resistant so he can take it to work and not worry

Photive Cyren Wireless Speaker

Our beloved Photive Cyren does enter the ranking as the number 3 seat. Why, It’s not even water resistant?  Because it’s cheap, very portable and can deliver a punch.

The Photive Cyren currently sells at $39 which makes it affordable enough to be brought along on a trip (we considered $50 the cutoff point for a wireless speaker considered to be cheap) where it has to withstand forces it isn’t build to resist.

What do costumers say about the Photive Cyren:
Battery life of 10 hours is legit, I can cycle through 3 charges on my iPhone 5 before its out.

  • Recharges quickly.
  • Read so many positive reviews that I had to give it a try (especially with the good price vs. other similar products).
  • Bass wont shake anything but you can still hear a decent spectrum of sound

The TDK A33, Turtle Shell 2.0 and Photive Cyren. Three speakers that are all good picks to get you through the summer with your favorite music.

Cheap Wireless Speaker

Sure, so far we have discussed the most high-end products but there are less expensive ways to share your music with friends and to fill your room with pumping beats. There are cheap wireless speakers on the market that provide pretty decent quality and will do the trick for you.

Almost all of these speakers provide decent quality and use Bluetooth as there method to connect to the source. The are three main reasons why these cheap Bluetooth speakers are of a lesser quality than their more expensive counterparts:

  • Battery life; in general you’ll see that the quality of the battery is lower and therefor you would have to recharge them more frequently.
  • Speaker quality; especially when you will turn up the volume the difference is easy to pick up. I have also noticed that playing cheaper speakers for a longer period of time at maximum power will eventually reduce their quality.
  • Connectivity; cheap Bluetooth speakers can have the issue that they disconnect from the source at times which can be quite annoying
  • There are definitely a couple of cheaper wireless speakers out there that provide good value for money. A few examples are the JBL Flip, HMDX JAM and the Photive Cyren.

Best Wireless Speaker Reviews

Here we provide you with a full list of all popular wireless speaker reviews. These reviews will provide you with greater insight into the individual products and help you decide which one is best for you. You can find a full speaker comparison chart on our homepage.

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