Top 9 Smartwatches

Top 9 Smartwatches
Top 9 Smartwatches

As we near the Christmas season the market competition will be at its highest peak. The smartwatch market is on a constant uptick and is set to become a serious industry in the near future. Now that we are going into the most competitive season when it comes to sales, who are in the early lead of the smartwatch race?

Welcome to our monthly breakdown of the top 9 smartwatches in the market today. This list is based on sales and reviews of the cream of the crop.

Want to know what Christmas gift to give to your tech savvy friends? Look no further and read on below to know which smartwatches are on the top of the mountain at this moment.

#1 – Sony Smartwatch 3

The Sony Smartwatch 3 is a huge upgrade from the Sony Smartwatch 2 and that is an understatement. The SW2 actually had a couple of flaws and issues that kept it out of the spotlight and out of customers’ wrist. Fortunately, Sony listened to these complaints and made a complete overhaul of the Sony Smartwatch

  • As this uses the Android Wear OS, you can bet that you can further expand and customize the S3 to suit your lifestyle and needs. This is the biggest strength of the Sony S3, by incorporating the amazing Android Wear tech; users can easily personalize the smartwatch to accommodate their daily life. Sony Smartwatch is known for its high quality but not for its features.

    Now that it uses the Android Wear OS that has completely changed and this is steadily becoming a solid competitor in wearable devices. Is it a good smartwatch? It definitely is. The Sony Smartwatch 3 is a solid entrant by Sony in the wearable device arena. It seems that the only thing missing from the S series is a great OS and they have found it with the Android Wear.

    The Sony Smartwatch 3 on its own is one of the best smartwatch but with Android Wear powering the device it can easily exceed its initial limitations by letting users personalize the apps. This is definitely one of the best smartwatches around today and is a worthwhile purchase for those looking to upgrade their smartwatches to a higher level of customization.

    #2 – Huawei Smartwatch

    Huawei is a well-known developer of amazing gadgets and is fast becoming one of the leading brand names when it comes to tech. The design of the Huawei Smartwatch provides a call back to classic luxury watches, which has been taken and injected with the new technology of the young lions.

    In terms of price, this is one of the most expensive in the market today. However, this price tag is understandable due to the technology and material used to bring forth this beast of smartwatch from Huawei. It is for this reason and how it rivals the Apple watch with quality and features that we’ve taken it easy on them in our pricing score.

    This smartwatch is compatible with most smartphones. It can connect to iOS 8.2 devices and Android 4.3 and up. The device also comes pre-installed with a variety of watch faces to choose from. You also have a choice to change the band in order to reflect your own style.

    The Huawei Smartwatch, in our opinion, is one of the best smartwatches today. The price might be steep, but based on the quality it is understandable.

    #3 – ASMART Center S28 Smartwatch

    The Asmart Center® S28 Smartwatch is a cool looking and sleek device that has a similar design feel to a mini tablet. The smartwatch also decides to go for a minimalist design which by today’s gadget standards is a practical approach since the software and apps are the most important aspects.

    Extra features that this smartwatch has are the sleep monitor, pedometer, FM radio, alarm, calendar, audio and video player, anti-theft, sound recorder and remote capture (via download). The smartwatch also supports TF Cards of up to 8GB if you wish to install several files and apps to your device. This allows for more apps to be used making this little device a beast from within.

    The Asmart Center® S28 Smartwatch is an amazing smartwatch that can be yours at a low-cost. Not only does it offer the standard smartwatch experience, it goes above and beyond and adds some extra features and specs to further enhance your enjoyment. The device offers surprising array of customization that is usually not present with smartwatches at this price range.

    #4 – GO EZ U8 plus U8L Smartwatch

    The GO EZ is also a pretty great media device for playing music with its quick and easy controls. The audio is impeccable and a quick button press will allow you to skip through your playlist in a breeze.

    It also utilizes a security system that will alert you when your smartphone gets to a certain distance away from the smartwatch EZ GO. Not only will the EZ GO notify you with an alarm, the smartphone will also start ringing. This is a great feature for both security and whenever you misplace your smartphone. The EZ GO smartwatch also allows user to control their phone camera from their watch.

    Overall, the EZ GO U8 Plus U8L is a pretty standard smartwatch that is not only affordable but also offers a complete experience when it comes to using smartwatches. The fact that it is compatible with both iOS and Android phones pushes it past other similar smartphone in its price bracket.

    #5 – Otium One Smartwatch

    The Otium One Smartwatch has all the necessary and standard features that will make it relevant as a smartwatch. Once you have synced this smartwatch to your smartphone you will be able to receive notification in real time. You won’t miss any important emails, SMS, calls, important events in your calendars or any sort of updates for your apps. As a smartwatch, it passes the basics easily.

    The Otium One Smartwatch is a highly recommended smartwatch for those who are on a tight budget but wants to get the most “bang” out of their buck. This is a simple and user friendly device that is a breeze to operate.

    Check our other Otium related product reviews such as the Otium Gear Smartwatch. The Otium One Smartwatch is a pleasant surprise in a torrent of cheap and low quality smartwatches.

    #6 – 5IVE U80 Smartwatch 

    The user friendliness of the 5IVE U80 Smart Watch is pretty much clear the moment you see it. The simplicity of the design makes it a perfect gift for beginners or young smartphone users. In fact, you can even say that this smartwatch is a great introductory device for the high tech smartphone lifestyle.

    Once connected via Bluetooth you can also stream you favorite music to play from your smartwatch. It is equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 making it compatible with all other devices to date.

    It also has other helpful features such as a pedometer, rest, drink and sleep monitor and an anti theft security feature. The anti-theft security will alarm when your smartphone suddenly moves out of range. It also utilizes a power saver mode feature to help your smartphone last longer.

    Overall, the 5IVE U80 Smartwatch is a great purchase with no deal breakers available. It is a low-cost smartwatch with a complete set of updated features and is compatible with nearly all smartphones in the market today.

    #7 – LG G Watch Smartwatch 

    The LG G Smartwatch currently has a moderately high price tag. As this is from a well-known brand this is expected and is actually one of the more affordable brand smartwatches in the market today. If you want something that has the backing of a well-known brand name then this one might be a good choice if you are on a bit of a tight budget.

    The device is compatible with smartphone devices that uses Android 4.3 OS and above. It is not compatible with iOS devices so keep that in mind. It includes all the basic features such as call and SMS alerts, phonebook sync and dial and call.

    The Android Wear is the biggest strength of this device as this OS is programmed primarily to be used with smartwatches. This OS learns your habits and organizes your apps so that your favorites or most used will always be a touch away.

    All in all, the LG G Smartwatch is a dependable smartwatch that maybe a little rough around the edges but nothing that will be a deal breaker. The battery life is also an issue so be sure to remember that it has a rather limited batter lifespan. Other than those downsides this is actually a well-made and good quality smartwatch that will tide you down if you need something to make the use of your smartphone even more convenient.

    #8 – Apple Watch

    The Apple Watch offers all the standard communication features expected from a smartwatch. The Digital Touch communications technology by Apple allows you to send simple finger paintings, animated Emojis and even a duplicate of your heartbeat to your family and friends. A nice but otherwise extra flavoring features.

    When it comes to the health apps, the Apple Watch uses three apps: The Move, Stand and Exercise. Move is an app that acts as a calorie counter; the Stand app will track your inactivity and will remind you to get up for one minute of every hour of inactivity. The Activity App that these three are a part of is a great way to help you become more conscious of your daily routine and can point you on the right direction in terms of healthy living in the long run.

    The Apple Watch certainly merits a look if you have an iPhone 5 and newer model. It integrates quite well to your iPhone and has some nice features that will enhance your iOS experience. Is it a must have? If you are a devotee of Apple products then you can give the Apple Watch a whirl, it does some shortcomings but its strengths far out way its disadvantages. This is without a doubt one of the best smartwatch today.

    #9 – Oukitel A28 Smartwatch

    The OUKITEL A28 is a new smartwatch in the market and it is already making waves as a high quality yet highly affordable smartwatch in the market. The design of the OUKITEL A28 exudes a style that increases its appeal for those looking for something that looks closer to a luxury smartwatch but with a price tag of a budget device.

    The OUKITEL A28 Smartwatch is uickly building up a positive reputation in the market but can it maintain this quality in the long run? We here at What Best Smartwatch are your number 1 place for smartwatch reviews and smartwatch news.

    The OUKITEL A28 is not only stylish but is durable and rugged as well. The device has an IP53 waterproof rating making it a good smartwatch for outdoors. Speaking of outdoor activities, the OUKITEL A28 also comes equipped with several fitness applications like a heart rate monitor, a pedometer and sleep monitor that gives you detailed data of your current state of health.

    The OUKITEL A28 Smartwatch is another top quality wearable device that excels in its functionality even with itsextremely low price tag. The OUKITEL A28 is right up there with the Asmart Center S28 Smartwatch and Otium One Smartwatch when it comes to affordability and low price. Is it worth it? It definitely is.

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