Sony Smartwatch 2 Review

Sony Smartwatch 2 Review
Sony Smartwatch 2 Review

The Sony Smart Watch 2 is a vast improvement over its predecessor, with much-improved features and new functions. It does still need some tweaking, but overall; the smartwatch is a useful, functional product.

This Smart Watch from Sony is perfect for those people on the go, but want to stay connected.


Water-resistant and sunlight readable screen

Innovative screen technology, including touch, swipe and pinch

Standalone digital watch

Access messages, calls and social media updates

Dedicated apps, music player and calendar

One-Touch NFC

Product Description:

The Smart Watch 2 is android compatible, and will interact with your android smartphone or tablet. The Smart Watch features One-Touch NFC technology, which means that connecting the watch to your android device couldn’t be easier: simply place the two devices together, either touching or with a gentle tap, and they instantly connect. If the Bluetooth connection is lost, re-connection is easy, by once more placing the devices close together.

The Smart Watch 2 keeps you connected to the outside world, without needing to look at your phone: it notifies you of incoming emails and social media updates and even lets you see who is ringing you. All of this is done unobtrusively, with a gentle vibration on your wrist. This means that you can stay connected when carrying or using a phone might not be practical, such as out running or sitting on a busy commuter train. It is adaptable and suitable for all situations: the sunlight-readable display is easy to look at on a sunny day, yet the water-resistant screen means that you needn’t worry if the sun turns to rain.


Easy set up with NFC One-Touch

Is vastly improved compared to previous model

Water resistant

Aluminium body – is light and fits well

Easy to check for updates and notifications

Long lasting battery


Screen resolution is quite low

Not many free apps, and they can sometimes take a while to load

Doesn’t have a camera, microphone or speaker

NFC doesn’t always work, and manual connection needed

The Sony Smart Watch 2 is certainly more advanced than its predecessor, offering many additional user-friendly features. Many of the complaints about the original Smart Watch seem to have been rectified and amended, such as the watch not being waterproof and the time being displayed all the time, rather than turning off as a power-saving tool. Connection is vastly improved, too: the NFC One-Touch ensures that connecting your android device to the Smart Watch couldn’t be easier. There’s a backup, too: when the NFC doesn’t work according to plan, the manual connection set up is also quick and simple to use. The all-weather screen is great for every eventuality, and is easily read in bright sunlight. The battery is long-lasting and can go for as long as four days, depending on how much it has been used and the watch itself is stylish, light-weight and easy to wear. The Smart Watch makes life easier when on the go: rather than taking your phone out every time you receive a notification, you can view it on your Smart Watch instead; all with a discrete vibration.

It is obvious that there are much fewer negatives than the original smartwatch, but some less than pleasing aspects do exist, including the fact that it doesn’t have a camera, microphone or a speaker, and that the screen resolution could be higher. The amount of free apps offered is limited, and at times they do take a fair while to load.

In summary, the Smart Watch 2 is a vast improvement over its predecessor, with much-improved features and new functions. It does still need some tweaking, but overall; the smartwatch is a useful, functional product.

What Others Are Saying About The Sony Smartwatch 2

“I’ve had my SW2 for a few days now and haven’t taken it off (except to sleep). I was looking for a device that would allow me to check texts, calls, emails and other notifications without getting my phone out and the SW2 does the job very nicely. Overall I find it incredibly useful.”

“My wife bought me this watch for my birthday and I have been loving it since I got it. App selection is excellent.”

“It meets all of my expectations. I have not had any problems with the watch whatsoever. Sony greatly improved ability of the watch since the last model. I love the fact that you can actually respond to SMS messages with predefined text.”

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