Soyan GT08 Smartwatch Review

Soyan GT08 Smartwatch Review
Soyan GT08 Smartwatch Review

The Soyan GT08 Smartwatch is actually a great choice for those looking for something a bit more reasonably priced.

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The Soyan GT08 Smartwatch is definitely a worthwhile smartwatch device that is well-rounded enough to offer a good introductory experience to wearable technology.

Smartwatch at a Glance…

The Soyan GT08 Smartwatch is another decent looking device from the well-known brand of budget smartwatches.

The overall design of the GT08 leaves much to be desired for as it has a pretty basic look and feel. Not much to say about its looks as once you have seen a couple of the low cost smartwatches you have basically seen them all.

The real question here is how well it functions and how reliable it is when used daily. These are just some of the important questions we will be discussing in this review.

Features & Benefits…

As with most Soyan devices, the Soyan GT08 Smartwatch is extremely affordable. It is available in three variations: black, silver and gold. Each looks quite nice and easily hides the fact that it is in fact a budget device.

It has a classic and completely customizable style which allows you to swap its design depending on your current mood. It is equipped with a 1.54 inch LCD 2.5 Radian capacitive touch screen. This allows for easy navigation as the screen is quite reactive to touch and swipes.

The smartwatch also has a built in SIM card slot if you wish to use it as a standalone smartphone/smartwatch device without the need to connect it to a phone. It also has a TF card slot for expandable memory and an NFC support function and Bluetooth connection.

This smartwatch allows wearers to not only receive incoming calls and SMS but also dial and send text messages. No need to whip out your smartphone as you can use the device for the basic receiving and sending functions.

Functions on hand with the GT08 include a Bluetooth dialer and a remote camera control. It also comes with some fitness tracking functions such as the pedometer, sleep monitor and a sedentary reminder. It can also act as a music player and an anti-lost security feature.

Keep in mind that while it is compatible with both iOS and Android phones it will have limited feature support for the iOS. To take advantage of every feature you should pair it up with an Android device instead.

The package will include the smartwatch device, a USB cable and the user manual.

Is this the Smartwatch for you?

The Soyan GT08 Smartwatch is actually a great choice for those looking for something a bit more reasonably priced. It comes with a couple additional functions and features that makes it more flexible and gives wearers more options.

The What Best Smartwatch Round Up…

The Soyan GT08 Smartwatch is a worthwhile purchase not only for beginners in this market but also for those who are already well-versed in wearable technology. The processing power maybe limited but as long as you use it properly and only need the basics but with a few fun features it will stay quick and reliable.


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