The Apple Watch Review

The Apple Watch Review

It is time to find out if the Apple Watch lives up to the hype with this in depth review of the hottest selling smartwatch at the moment.

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Apple Watch 2021
Display Type OLED
Phone OS Compatibility iOS
Watch OS watchOS
Processor Apple S6
Display Size 1.57 inches
Fitness Features Accelerometer, GPS, Heart Rate Monitor
Estimated Battery Life 18 hours
Separate App Store Yes
Phone Call Capacity Yes
  • Apple Watch series 6
  • Apple Watch series se
  • Apple Watch series 5
  • Apple Watch series 4
  • Apple Watch series 3
  • Apple Watch series 2

Which Apple Watch is right for you?

Apple Watch Series 6

From $399

  • 44mm or 40mm case size
  • Always-On Retina display
  • GPS + Cellular
  • Blood Oxygen app
  • ECG app
  • High and low heart rate notifications
  • Irregular heart rhythm notification
  • Supports Family Setup (GPS + Cellular models)
  • Water resistant 50 meters

Apple Watch SE

From $279

  • 44mm or 40mm case size
  • Retina display
  • GPS + Cellular
  • High and low heart rate notifications
  • Irregular heart rhythm notification
  • Supports Family Setup (GPS + Cellular models)
  • Water resistant 50 meters

Apple Watch Series 3

From $199

  • 42mm or 38mm case size
  • Retina display
  • GPS
  • High and low heart rate notifications
  • Irregular heart rhythm notification
  • Water resistant 50 meters

The best buy Apple Watch

Editor’s Rating

It integrates quite well to your iPhone and has some nice features that will enhance your iOS experience. Is it a must have? If you are a devotee of Apple products then you can give the Apple Watch a whirl, it does some shortcomings but its strengths far out way its disadvantages.

The Apple Watch was launched, and the smartwatch market was never the same again. Apple Watch made an impressive showing during its first day of availability as it sold an impossibly high number that surpassed its competition by a wide margin.

Does the Apple Watch warrant this impressive sale numbers or is just the initial hype that all Apple products generate upon release? Is the Apple Watch the best smartwatch today?

10 Apple Watch Pros & Cons
The Pros of Apple Watch. Fitness Tracker. Fall Detector. Sleek Design. Calls. Water Resistance. Music and Other App.
The Cons of Apple Watch. Hefty Price. Low Battery Life. Compatible only to iPhone. Highly Distractive. Small Screen.

Pros and cons of apple watch read more in the article

Apple Watch Series Specs Hardware Specifications

  1. The Apple Watch is available in 2 sizes and 3 models.
  2. You can choose between 38 mm or 42 mm sizes and available models are the Apple Watch, Apple Sport and Apple Edition.
  3. The Apple Sport is the entry level model and is currently the most affordable at $349 and is made of aluminum.

On the other hand, the Apple Watch Edition is the high end model with prices starting at $500,00

  • it is made of 18 karat rose or yellow gold. The stainless steel Apple Watch model is available at $549
  • the sport band which is sold separately can be bought for $49
  • the Link Bracelet comes at a price tag of $44

One of the draws of the Apple Watch is its attention to detail.

The Apple Watch is constructed from cold forged steel that is machined to a polish giving its glossy appearance. It uses an OLED screen on top with a heart rate sensor on the bottom. It is covered in sapphire crystal giving it an amazing anti-scratch capability.

Keep in mind that the Apple Sport Watch models do not utilize the sapphire protection. All of these factors are combined and fitted together perfectly to make a snazzy looking modern smartwatch.

At the moment, the Apple Watch is currently the most beautifully crafted smartwatch as it features a full compact design; the only smartwatch that comes close to being second is the Metawatch M1 Smartwatch.

If you are looking for the entry level Apple Sports then you will have access to the Sport Bands. The Sport Band is made of fluoroelastometer, a soft to the touch and pliable material that is available in white, blue, pink, green and the basic color black.

The Link Bracelet is made of finely polished stainless steel and while the Black Stainless Steel Watch is available, the black bracelet has yet to be made available to the market. There is also a huge selection of metal and leather straps to choose from as well.

In terms of comfort, the Apple Sports Watch offers the most comfort and is a casual smartwatch for going outdoors and for taking part in sports, hence the name. The rubber also appears to be made of high quality material unlike other rubber straps that you can find elsewhere.

The Link Bracelet uses a specialized and unique quad hinged clasp that secures the bracelet completely with a quick lock and release mechanism. The links can be removed with a simple button press which eliminates the trouble that normally comes from fitting and testing the size of the bracelet.

While it does take some time to use the new mechanism once you have got the hang of it, it is quite a breeze to use. The bracelet is made of a single band with horizontal scales, reminiscent of the belly of a snake, which is another unique design that separates the Apple Watch from its competition.

Initial Startup of the Apple Watch – What to Expect

The initial setup of the Apple Watch is quite user friendly. Once you have turned it on, it will prompt you to choose the language and will then bring you to the Watch App which is also a built in feature with iOS 8.3 and higher devices.

Press the Start Pairing option on your Apple Watch and a dot will form what appears to be a QR Code. Simply point your iPhone’s camera to the watch screen and wait for it to finish scanning to complete the pairing process.

Next steps are pretty standard with the Terms and Conditions. If you have an existing Apple ID then you can link it up to your Apple Watch as well. The whole process will only take you not more than 10 minutes.

The OLED watch screen for the 42mm version offers 390 x 312 resolutions and handles ambient lighting impressively well. Direct sunlight does not wash out the images too badly which is a must feature with smartwatches since you will mostly use them outdoors. Similar to the Asmart Center S28, it has an impressive smartwatch screen.

The default mode of the screen is off but it instantly turns back on with a simple touch or shake of the wrist. While there is a noticeable delay when it turns back on, this is just a slight nitpick and does not affect the experience at all.

However, there instances when the Apple Watch did not recognize the motions which will prompt you to shake it again or tap the screen to turn it back on, again this is just a slight nitpick.


The Apple Watch has a unique feature in terms of UI with the Taptic Engine which is a linear actuator the haptics feedback better and more precise. Its form of notification is not the standard vibration that most smartwatches does and offers a more detailed feedback to notify you of alerts.

Apple Watch also introduces a new feature called Glances. A simple swipe upwards on the watch will give you a nice view of important widgets such as battery life, weather or other important updates you choose. You can also use the Glance feature to quickly ping your iPhone if you managed to misplace it.

This brand new UI does take some time to get use to but once you get the hang of its features it will be like second nature to you and accessing your iPhone through your smartwatch will be quick and convenient.

The Apple Watch as a Watch

Of course, the central use of the smartwatch is telling the time so how does the Apple Watch handle this basic and important feature? Actually, it does it perfectly well.

The Apple Watch comes with 10 watch faces pre-loaded for you to choose from and hundreds more at the app store.

If you wish to change the face you simply utilize the Force Touch (meaning you need to press the screen using a certain degree of pressure) which will then transfer you to a carousel of the available faces available.

Some faces can also be customized; these are distinguished via the button beneath the faces which informs the user that they can be modified to their liking. Customizable faces allow you to change the color of the face, numbers fonts as well as the watch hands.

The Apple Watch offers an impressive array of customization options for your face watch which is a great feature for those who love personalizing their items.

The Apple Watch as a Communications Device

The Apple Watch offers all the standard communication features expected from a smartwatch. A slight nuanced vibration will alert you of any messages being received by you iPhone and in the case that you miss these alerts, you will notice a red blinking dot on your Apple Watch which means you have missed a message or call.

You can customize the alerts the Apple Watch will notify you with meaning you can choose to have only the important alerts. The Digital Touch communications technology by Apple allows you to send simple finger paintings, animated Emojis and even a duplicate of your heartbeat to your family and friends.

A nice but otherwise extra flavoring features. However, if you try and receive a call from the Apple Watch be prepared for some difficult conversations as the speaker is not up to par for this, especially in crowded places. It is best to just take out your iPhone whenever there is an incoming call.

The big upside here is that the Apple Watch handles sending texts quite well.

This is thanks to the Apple Watch’s collection of contextually relevant replies that you can use. A simple tap here, a quick send there and you’re done.

Apple Watch Health Features

When it comes to the health apps, the Apple Watch uses three apps: The Move, Stand and Exercise. Move is an app that acts as a calorie counter; the Stand app will track your inactivity and will remind you to get up for one minute of every hour of inactivity.

Exercise will track the time you perform any sort of activity and will assist you in getting at least 30 minutes of exercise each day. This is on par with the Garmin Vivoactive Smartwatch in terms of health and fitness apps.

The Activity App that these three are a part of is a great way to help you become more conscious of your daily routine and can point you on the right direction in terms of healthy living in the long run.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the Apple Watch certainly merits a look if you have an iPhone 5 and newer model. It integrates quite well to your iPhone and has some nice features that will enhance your iOS experience. Is it a must have? If you are a devotee of Apple products then you can give the Apple Watch a whirl, it does some shortcomings but its strengths far out way its disadvantages.

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