Sony Smartwatch 3

Sony Smartwatch 3
Sony Smartwatch 3

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The Sony Smartwatch 3 is the most complete wearable device from Sony’s S series. They have finally come full circle with the S3 and if they keep this up, expect great things for their future installments.

Smartwatch at a glance…

Sony had some difficulty when it came to adjusting to the wearable technology platform. While the previous Sony Smartwatch 2 was a solid entrant it was also criticized for feeling a little rough around the edges. This came from the fact that the OS used for previous Sony Smartwatches were not designed for wearable devices but is instead taken from smartphones programs. Now, with the Android Wear, the Sony S3 offers optimum customization that is similar to the Asmart Center S28 Smartwatch.

Now, Sony introduces the Sony Smartwatch 3 and it looks as if they have learned from past mistakes and has successfully produced a great and reliable smartwatch. Does the Sony Smartwatch 3 finally perfect the wearable technology experience? Let us find out with our in-depth review below.

Features & Benefits…

The Sony Smartwatch 3 is priced at around $239.9

  • Unlike its predecessors, the S3 now uses the Android Wear OS for optimum features based around wearable technology.

    The Sony Smartwatch 3 has a 1 year manufacturer warranty and is IP58 rated. It is also waterproof, so no need to worry about it getting caught in the rain. The smartwatch has a built in ambient light sensors that will dim or brighten the screen depending on where you are.

    It also comes with an accelerometer, compass, gyro and a GPS to assist and guide you. It also features the standard capabilities such as notifications for emails, SMS, incoming calls, voice commands, Lifelog and other unique features.

    As this uses the Android Wear OS, you can bet that you can further expand and customize the S3 to suit your lifestyle and needs. This is the biggest strength of the Sony S3, by incorporating the amazing Android Wear tech; users can easily personalize the smartwatch to accommodate their daily life.

    Is this the Best Smartwatch for you?

    Sony Smartwatch is known for its high quality but not for its features. Now that it uses the Android Wear OS that has completely changed and this is steadily becoming a solid competitor in wearable devices. Is it a good smartwatch? It definitely is.

    If you are looking for a fully personalized smartwatch that is made by a well-known and trusted brand then look no further than the Sony Smartwatch

    The What Best Smartwatch Round Up…

    The Sony Smartwatch 3 is a solid entrant by Sony in the wearable device arena. It seems that the only thing missing from the S series is a great OS and they have found it with the Android Wear.

    The Sony S3 on its own is a great smartwatch but with Android Wear powering the device it can easily exceed its initial limitations by letting users personalize the apps. This is definitely one of the best smartwatch around today and is a worthwhile purchase for those looking to upgrade their smartwatches to a higher level of customizability.

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