Track your sexual performance … with a Smartwatch App

Track your sexual performance … with a Smartwatch App
Track your sexual performance … with a Smartwatch App

The smartwatch revolution is certainly on its way and as with most up and coming new technologies there are certain experimentations that are being done to see how far they can push the functionality of wearables. In terms of smartwatches, it seems that a little company located in Spain has developed an application that has a very specific use.

You can say that it is based upon fitness tracking programs, except of course it has been changed to track one specific human activity. The activity this app tracks… is sex.

Yes, that is right. We now have an application that not only tracks your sexual performance but also grades it by the end. Some people will literally have no excuse left once they get strapped with a smartwatch with this app installed.

Who would develop this? Can they be trusted!?

The Spanish based phone developer Geeksphone is the one that brought this app into the limelight and is apparently one of their first forays into the industry of smartwatch applications. Geeksphone has already built a solid reputation in the smartphone world with their projects involving Blackphone and developing hardware for the first line of Firefox phones from Mozilla.

But now they have already started tapping into a new medium and are already creating buzz with a unique application for smartwatches. Not only does this new app offer one of the most personal tracking data program in the world, it is also the most intimate.

Lowdown on the Geeksme Smartwatch

The Geeksme Smartwatch is constructed using high quality aluminium and is equipped with an OLED screen and 12 bi-colors LED.

As with most smartwatches with fitness tracking capabilities it will be able to monitor your steps and sleep quality. It will also handle notifications for any incoming SMS, emails or calls. It will be able to alert you of any reminders and can precisely tell you the time. ( business  time!)

But underneath what appears to be a pretty standard smartwatch are a couple of unique features that is not available in other smartwatches.

The first of these features is a tracker that measures your eco print on the environment and gives you pointers on how to lessen your eco print.

The second one is a little feature that tracks your sexual performance .

You read that right. There is an app in this smartwatch that will monitor your sexual performance in bed. Why would they include such an app? Well, the developer claims that sex is also a part of a healthy lifestyle and that is the main reason they developed and included this program into their smartwatch.

They do have a point as sex is considered a very healthy and enjoyable calorie burner. Looks like tracker is really going to push you to do your best in bed as it will track your performance throughout!

What we currently know…

This application will help you get a grasp at your performance and give you the data in detailed fashion. This app is manually activated and once it’s turned on it will gauge the calories you have burned as well as how long you lasted.

We still do not have full information on how this app will operate and how precise it will be but make no mistake that if you do wear this and activate it you might want to up your game not only for your partner but because, well, the Geeksme is watching you. Okay, that kind of sounded creepy but that IS what this app is doing.

This app is strange and unusual but it does have its merits. This may spice up your love life and the whole rating your performance is something that all gamers will be quite familiar to. It’s a great way to add some excitement into to this intimate activity.

There are several features that the developers are thinking of including into this app. Do not be surprised if you are given the option to share your achievements online or with friends! There might even be challenges included, what these challenges are, we have no idea yet. But are betting that they will lead into something promiscuous!

Can this feature be used to catch adulterers in action? We never know but everything is a possibility with today’s technological advancements. This is quite an interesting feature that will surely garner attention once it gets near to release.

Impact on the Smartwatch Market

Innovation is something that consumers are always looking for with technology. The wearable technology industry can still be considered in its infancy and as such developers are merely scratching the surface of what this device can potentially become.

Geeksphone on the other hand not only scratch the surface but also paved a new way into how we can integrate smartwatches into our daily lives.

In fact, Geeksphone is pushing the envelope with the inclusion of a sexual activity tracking device. This is still something of a taboo and is understandable why most developers are beating around the bush with this subject. Geeksphone instead spearheaded into the topic and even came up with something that can be quite useful. And for that, we commend this developer for being a pioneer in this field.

The Geeksme smartwatch is still in development and we never know what applications will be added from now to its launch but one thing is certain, this smartwatch has already garnered attention.

Final Thoughts

We have finally arrived at the point when new ways are being discovered on how to integrate smartphone and smartwatch technology into our daily life. This sexual activity performance tracker is just the first step in innovation and it already shows some exciting things in store in the future.

How far can we take smartwatch technology?  It is only a matter of time before we get an idea of how far reaching technology can take us and from here it seems this will include some improving your sex life.

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