Sony SRSX-5 Review

Sony SRSX5 Review
Sony SRSX5 Review

I’ve never understood why so many speaker companies opt for gaudy design. I don’t need to see the outline of the speakers themselves to know that I am listening to music. We have moved past the overdone design of the boom box, haven’t we? Thankfully, Sony went for a toned down, minimalist design for their SRSX5 model. The simple and sleek rectangular facade will compliment almost any décor, and you can choose between three colors: black, gray or red. In fact, you may find that the SRSX5 is a welcome addition to your interior design efforts. The Sony SRSX5 is also highly portable. It weighs roughly two and a half pounds, which allows for easy transportation. What’s more, it doesn’t take up a significant amount of space. With a width of 8.8 inches and a height of 4.8 inches, you don’t have to rearrange a room to accommodate this speaker system.

Despite its small size, the SRSX5 packs a punch. It has no problem belting out twenty watts of stereo sound. It also has a subwoofer with dual passive radiators. In other words, you don’t need to worry about weak bass with this device. You also don’t need to worry about fiddling with the equalization. Sony’s patented ClearAudio+ technology delivers crystal clear sound by optimizing the audio levels for you. Did I mention that this speaker system is wireless? One-touch listening technology allows you to easily play music from devices like smartphones and tablets. There is no complicated setup required; simply connect to the speakers and start listening.

The same wireless technology allows you to take calls with the SRSX5 through the speakerphone function. If you want to play music from a device that is not bluetooth-enabled, the SRSX5 also has an auxiliary input. A built-in battery offers up to eight hours of continuous playback, and a USB port allows you to charge various devices.
Certain features stand out above the rest:
Clear and powerful sound for a compact device. You don’t need to lug around heavy speakers to have stereo-quality sound.
Neutral design that is easily compatible with any décor. The SRSX5 can actually complement your interior design.
Easy-to-use wireless technology. Sony’s one-touch setup makes it easy to connect different devices.
No speaker system is perfect:
The SRSX5 does not come with a case. A protective case needs to be purchased separately.
It is not waterproof or water resistant. Be careful if you plan on taking it out for a day at the beach.

When searching for a wireless speaker system, you want to find a device that is highly portable and capable of delivering quality sound. The Sony SRSX5 meets this criteria while serving up a sleek design.

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