Ultimate Ears BOOM Review

Ultimate Ears BOOM Review
Ultimate Ears BOOM Review  

The design of the Ultimate Ears BOOM is one of its strongest features. The speaker is in the shape of a cylinder that measures around 7.2 inches long and 2.5 inches in diameter. The weight of the speaker is only about 1.2 pounds, so it’s small enough to be stored safely in a bag. The outside of the speaker is covered in a mesh that is water resistant.

The casing of the speaker is covered in a thick rubber for protection.

The speaker is available in a wide array of colors (Black, Blue, Red and Moss). The controls on the speaker itself have been kept to a minimum, with large volume buttons along one side and a power button on the other that is recessed so it’s not hit by accident.

You will know right when the speaker turns on because it makes a bongo drum sound that is hard to miss. The sound of the bongo beat will change when you connect or disconnect a Bluetooth device.

As far as performance is concerned, this speaker works fairly well. It puts out a very clear sound that can be turned up very loud without becoming distorted. I found the speaker to have a very “full sound,” although it does put more emphasis on the lows and mids.

That being said, the speaker suffers from having weak bass.

Songs that have a lot of range will be right at home on these speakers. It is able to transition between sounds extremely well. Another neat feature of the speaker is only made possible thanks to its design.

The Ultimate Ears Boom speaker gives 360-degree sound.

This is credited to the cylinder shape of the speaker, so it doesn’t have to be turned toward you to get the full effect. In general, it may be hard to find a speaker of the same size that puts out this much sound so clearly. The speaker is also able to connect and disconnect from Bluetooth enabled devices at lighting-fast speed.

Pros of the Ultimate Ears BOOM

  • Clear sounds no matter what style of music you listen to;
  • Can be connected to multiple speakers to give you a true stereo sound;
  • Small and lightweight, which makes it easy to carry around;
  • Shape gives you 360 degrees of sound;
  • Excellent mid-ragne and treble;
  • Available in multiple colors to fit anyone’s personality.

Cons of the Ultimate Ears BOOM

  • The speaker suffers from being able to deliver a deep, rich bass.

Low-end base causes the sound of the speaker to become distorted, which is a problem with most portable speakers


There are a lot of Bluetooth enabled speakers out there, but few of them are going to stack up well against the Ultimate Ears BOOM. Although the speaker leaves a little to be desired in the bass department, it delivers on every other level.

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