The OontZ Curve Review

The OontZ Curve Review
The OontZ Curve Review

Amazon currently sells The OontZ curve for $29.99 which makes it one of the most attracting Bluetooth speakers if it comes down to value for money. The normal list price is $59 which makes this a great deal. This most have contributed to it becoming one of the three bestselling speakers in January 201

  • Below you can read our first experience with the Oontz Curve.
    The OontZ Curve comes in a variety of metallic colors, Titanium, Gold, Red and Blue. It feels pretty well made. It’s size makes it, like the manufactures claims, ultra-portable.
    The shiny outside makes it look appealing although it might scratch when you carry it in your bag. The product comes without a carrying pouch so take care of it if you want to avoid this to happen.
    You can control the sound and volume from the speaker or via the device you connect it to.
    Ok, as much as people love this little speaker, we should not forget it’s not a high-end product. Yes, it delivers music when and wherever you want but the crispness of the sound disappears when tracks have a lot of bass. We have found that it performs best when played in the low to medium volume range.
    Battery life is about 5 hours which is decent for such a small speaker but not fantastic. You charge the battery using a USB cable. This means you can charge via your PC, laptop or USB wall charger.
    The Verdict
    Great entry level speaker that will make a good gift for kids or other people who are not to worried about “perfect” sound. Given it’s current price, $29.99, one of the best small Bluetooth speakers. If Cambridge SoundWorks decides to raise the price we would start looking at other speakers once it goes over $4

  • If you want the best of the best we advice you to have a look at other high-end speakers. A few that come to mind are the Bose SoundLink Mini which is the top Bluetooth speaker or the Sonos Play:5 in case you want the best indoor speaker.

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