Soundfreaq Sound Kick Review

Soundfreaq Sound Kick Review
Soundfreaq Sound Kick Review
The Soundfreaq Sound Kick is an affordable speaker system that offers relatively good sound for its price point. It does have a few interesting quirks that will be discussed throughout this review; but overall if you are looking for a less expensive option to boost your portable music players built in sound, this could be a great option for you. Read here the full Soundfreaq Sound Kick Review.

The Sound Kick looks great. It is very slim compared to most other portable speaker systems and therefore it doesn’t take up much room if you are taking it with you on the road or looking to set it up in a smaller setting. The kickstand that goes in the rear will slide into the back of the compartment, making it even more slim and compact. However, one downside is the fact that in order to turn the device on, you must have the kickstand out. Apparently this makes the player sound better and deliver better bass, which may be true, but it somewhat defeats the slim look of the device. Physically, the Sound Kick has elements of a compact rubber material that I believe is intended to give the device more sturdiness, however it is still very touchy and can be easily knocked over. I think the idea behind the Sound Kick was good, but needs just a bit more work before its perfect.

Aside from the small issue with the kickstand, the Sound Kick is great for what its supposed to do, which is play music. It’s extremely easy to setup with your audio device and offers wonderful sound quality once it’s connected. For Bluetooth devices, it is easy to sync and pair the device to the Sound Kick. And for devices without Bluetooth functionality, you can easily hook it up with an auxiliary wire. Once you have your device setup, you can expect the rechargeable battery of the Sound Kick to last a solid 7-hours, which is about as much as most phones that you’d probably be pairing it with.
Speaking of charging, one thing that is really great about the Sound Kick is the ability to charge your wireless device from the USB port that is on the back of the player. Now, it is a bit of a hassle that the Sound Kick has to either be plugged in or playing at less than 70% volume for it to charge your device, but this is extremely convenient when you are at a location where are unable to charge your phone, but you have a USB port that allows you to plug it into the Sound Kick.
Soundfreaq also offers a mobile application that will act as a remote and allow you to access the player when you are not right next to it. It is a nice feature that does not require having another device included with the Sound Kick; but if you are charging your phone on the Sound Kick USB port or your phone is out of reach, it may be easier to just access the touch-panel buttons that are on top of the device.
The Verdict
In conclusion, the Soundfreaq Sound Kick is a very good option for those looking for a portable speaker system for their mobile device or tablet. Yes, it certainly does have some weird quirks that Soundfreaq should fix in future models. But for its price of roughly $100, it delivers great sound and is light and slim enough to carry with you pretty much anywhere. And with a 7-hour battery, you are able to listen to your music wherever you go for hours on end.

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