Spracht Aura BluNote Review

Spracht Aura BluNote Review
Spracht Aura BluNote Review

The Spracht Aura BluNote was brought to our attention when it rose in the January 2014 bestseller ranks. In that very article we discussed that users found the Spracht to be hit or miss. Some found it to be everything they were looking for in a wireless speaker, others found the sound to weak or the product not working properly. It seems that it rose to a high spot in the bestseller list because of aggressive pricing techniques. It used to be priced close to $130 while it the time of writing it sells at $4

  • Design
    The Spracht Aura BluNote looks quite futuristic. From the front it seem rectangular but it’s actually slightly bended. In the video below you can see this back pretty well.
    Besides proving power via a regular AS adapter I found it quite surprising that you can run the Spracht works on 4AA batteries. Many modern day speakers have a rechargeable battery that you can charge but not the Spracht. The good thing is that 4AA batteries keep it going longer than what you’ll see in speakers that have a rechargeable battery. It should keep up for 10 hours which is almost double of what we see when reviewing smaller speakers like The OontZ Curve.
    For the rest you have all the necessary features you expect. What is nice is that you can use it to do conference phone calls. It has a build in microphone which allows you to use it as a speakerphone.

    The Spracht Aura BluNote keeps up surprisingly well when listening to music. It performance well on the high and medium end range. When testing it we found out it lacks a bit on the low frequencies.
    When turning up the volume it does lose a bit of the sound quality but not to the extent it becomes concerning. In general it keeps up pretty decent for a budget speaker.
    The Verdict
    Its a decent speaker and that’s about it. We’re still a bit surprised it jumped up in the bestseller ranking but this is probaly because of the aggressive discount on Amazon.
    We would not be a buyer of this speaker over $4

  • At that price we would find the Photive CYREN to become more appealing (Read our full Photive Cyren review here). Keep this in mind when looking at the most recent price.
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