Bose SoundLink Mini Review

Bose SoundLink Mini Review
Bose SoundLink Mini Review

The SoundLink Mini aptly lives up to the Bose reputation by producing quality audio from an ultra-compact device. Users will be truly amazed at the amazing rich sound that this portable unit offers within the confines of a room. Whether listening to your favorite music on a smartphone or streaming a movie on an iPad or similar device, the miniature speaker delivers. In this Bose SoundLink Mini review we will look at it’s design and performance.

Bose did not skimp on sturdy construction. The sleek, seamless aluminum cabinet houses the drivers and radiators while weighing a mere 1.5 pounds. The product was designed to appeal to a wide audience of Bluetooth users with its completely portable and wireless capability. The speaker is a nice audio extension whether one owns a smartphone, tablet or Bluetooth equipped PC. The user friendly construction includes an array of clearly labeled buttons on the top of the speaker. You can also adjust the volume using a smartphone or other streaming device.

The SoundLink enables users to program up to six separate devices into memory. The speaker conveniently compliments each device when turned on within 30 feet of each other. You cannot however, use the unit with more than one device at a time. Unfortunately, the speaker does not have speakerphone function, which would have been a nice feature given that the device might easily sit on a desk or bedside nightstand. If receiving a call on a smartphone while playing music, the speaker cuts out and resumes when the music plays again.
Price Disclaimer
The lack of a USB charge may also deter some. In terms of connectivity, the speaker has an auxiliary input for using the SoundLink Mini with other audio devices not having Bluetooth function. There is also a Micro-USB port for future upgrades. The lithium battery contained within the unit allows for up to seven hours of play when fully charged. This time may vary depending on the volume you prefer to listen to your tunes.
Blasting equates with reduced charge time. Conversely, keeping the sound turned low extends battery life. Recharging is a snap with the accompanying desktop charging cradle or AC adapter that features collapsible prongs for ease of travel. The battery requires up to three hours for recharging and users have the option of using the speaker during this time.
Compared to competitive speakers on the market, the Bose SoundLink Mini does not disappoint and is well worth the price. In addition to an overall initial investment of around $200, Bose offers consumers the option of purchasing colored rubberized sleeves at a price of $25 each that fit neatly over the main body of the speaker. The soft, pliable covers come in blue, orange or yellow. With a sleeve on, the speaker stays put and there is no worry about the unit sliding off a surface onto the floor. The form fitting sleeves also allow users to charge the SoundLink in the cradle without necessitating removal. A carrying case for the speaker runs around $45.

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