Bose SoundLink III Review

Bose SoundLink III Review
Bose SoundLink III Review

When looking for a wireless Bluetooth speaker, the Bose SoundLink III is a very solid replacement for the Bose SoundLink II speaker and comes in at the top of the list for wireless speakers. It is hard to beat this speaker in the size, quality and performance, especially when comparing all three aspects. Like with all Bose products the finish is awesome and I personally consider Bose the Apple among the wireless speakers. Highest quality, greatest user satisfaction but it comes at a price. Read more in this Bose SoundLink III review.

Bose has hit the nail on the head for customer satisfaction and eye appeal with the SoundLink III design. The previous models of this speaker were ok but the new retro look fits in every household. It’s a real eyecather. The Bose SoundLink III design is a bit different than its predecessors, the Bose SoundLink mini and the Bose SoundLink II speaker.

As you can see in the video, the SoundLink III is much bigger than the SoundLink Mini. The first two versions of this larger speaker were very similar to each other, but this third generation has taken a different turn completely when it comes to design. This version of the speaker is 5.2 inches tall, 10.1 inches long and has veered away from the standard type speaker cover and started leaning toward a sportier speaker cover. Although the speaker has the same general shape as the two previous models, the features are more refined and appealing to the eye. This version can fit in with even the most elegant decor in any home.
As with the new and improved design features for the Bose SoundLink III Bluetooth wireless speaker compared to its two previous predecessors, the performance aspect of the speaker has also been impressively enhanced. The incredible range of sound that the SoundLink III is able to produce is a wonderful balanced bouquet.
Price Disclaimer
The treble in this speaker is comparable to other high-end Bluetooth wireless speakers in this price range, however, keeping with the Bose tradition of specialization in low pitch sounds, the bass is absolute top of the line. The volume range for this version of the speaker is suitable not only for indoor use, but also suitable for outdoor use. The volume in this particular speaker has a slight delay getting up to top levels, but once it is there it is of the best quality and has little to no distortion.
Pros of the Bose SoundLink III
Incredible quality speaker and solid design
Bass is above industry standard
Incredible battery life
Able to be used indoors or outdoors
Good volume range that keeps sound quality in tact no matter where it is set
Cons of the Bose SoundLink III
Has no speakerphone as several competitors do
Does not have USB charging capability

And, based on this Bose SoundLink III review, should buy this speaker? It stands out amongst the competition and its predecessors. The slight improvements Bose has made to the speaker have increased the quality of the overall experience and created the best high-end speaker available. Although there are a couple negatives such as no USB charging, the pros of the speaker highly outweigh the cons. If you are willing to pat the price you are the proud owner of the best speaker in the market.

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