Logitech G9X Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G9X Laser Gaming Mouse Review
Logitech G9X Laser Gaming Mouse Review
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The successor to the G5 and G7, the G9 is a completely customizable gaming mouse that can change the way you play. This mouse is very similar to the older G5 model, and just like the rest of the G series, it sports a laser engine. The newest release of the G9 – the G9X – gives the mouse even more speed and accuracy. But what sets the G9X apart from all the competitors? If you are already looking to buy the G9X, you can purchase it from Amazon here.
Full Customization
The essence of the G9X is really in the amount of things you can customize about it. The mouse comes with 28 grams of metal weight that you can change out to make the mouse as heavy as you want. The mouse also comes with two interchangeable grips that you can switch to your preference – one stickier rubber cover and another harder plastic. The G9X is very comfortable, even for a larger hand, and the grip and weights add a measure of comfort that no other mouse can match. The LEDs on the mouse can even be changed – the menu lets you change to the entire range of possible colors.
Speed and Precision
Two of the most important aspects of a gaming mouse are its speed and precision. The G9 boasts an insane 5000 DPI. This means the mouse is extremely sensitive and translates to quick, precise movements on the screen. The DPI can also be set as low as 200 DPI and anywhere in-between. Another feature I particularly enjoy is the scroll wheel. You can change from a click-by-click scroll for things like weapon selection to a frictionless scroll for use on things such as web pages.
Extra Settings
Something else that stands out about the G9X is the way it implements its extra buttons. The side buttons can be used to set anything from keyboard macros to dpi settings. This allows you to change from high to low speed instantly as the situation requires. The LEDs can even be changed by using these buttons. To top it off, the G9X stores the setting in onboard memory. This allows you to have all your settings no matter what computer you’re plugged in to.
Where to Buy?
The Logitech G9X can be obtained from Amazon. Compared to other places online, Amazon is the most affordable.Click here to see it on Amazon.
What’s included?
Logitech® G9X Laser Mouse
Two custom grips (Wide Load and Precision)
Adjustable weight cartridge
Tuning weights and case
User guide
3-year limited warranty

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