Razer Naga Epic MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Naga Epic MMOG Laser Gaming Mouse Review
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The Naga Epic, like its sibling the Razer Naga, is made for only one purpose: massively multiplayer online gaming. One look at this mouse will tell you that its not your standard gaming mouse. It has all of Razer’s features like 5600 DPI tracking, but the thing that sets this mouse apart is the sheer number of buttons Razer crammed in. It’s not unusual for a high-end mouse to have programmable buttons, but the Epic Naga has 1

  • That’s not a typo. The thing has 17 buttons. Excluding your standard left, right, and middle button, this mouse has 14 buttons to fully program. Sound familiar? The standard Naga boasts these buttons as well, but the Naga Epic has some tricks up its sleeve to set it even further apart from the competition. This mouse is really the choice for the mmog player that wants full control and customization. I’ll break it down further in the following sections. If you are already interested in purchasing the Naga Epic, click here to see it on amazon.

    Speed and Accuracy
    The Naga Epic is one of the most complex and expensive gaming mice on the market because of the number of things you can program its buttons to do. Still, this mouse is no slouch in the speed and accuracy department. Just like Razer’s other top of the line mice, this one has a 5600 DPI laser engine. This means it is accurate enough for any play style, and can obviously be changed to be as sensitive as you want. 5600 DPI is fast enough that you will probably never even touch its most sensitive mode. The Naga Epic also has Razer’s 1ms response time to ensure that every move you make will be carried out without delay. This is all expected from an awesome gaming mouse, but the next few sections dig into why this might be the best gaming mouse on the market.
    While the original Naga was short in the customization department, the Naga Epic adds a feature from other gaming mice out today: interchangeable side panels. The Naga Epic has three of them to choose from, and they’re designed with all play styles in mind. Razer claims that the grips were made by the Razer ergonomics team to best fit your hand. Another feature I like, but may not be considered customization, is that this mouse can switch instantly between wired and wireless mode. This feature was absent in the original naga, and I like the fact that you can choose to be wired if you are playing an important game or if you just want to charge your mouse. Also included is the 16 million color backlight illumination which lets you tweak the color of the LEDs in the mouse.
    Extra Features
    Simply put, the Naga Epic has a ton of features. A detail I like is that the wireless receiver also acts as a charging dock. I usually prefer when wireless gaming mice have two batteries so that you can switch them as needed, but I like the dual wired/wireless even better. Now for the biggest feature – buttons. The Naga Epic has 12 buttons just on the left side. It has another two customizable buttons on the left side of the left mouse click. These are great, but you have to be careful not to accidentally hit one if you want to just do a normal mouse click. The 12 buttons can be configured to do everything from changing sensitivity to doing in-game macros. The Naga Epic allows unlimited character profiles so that you can switch between your custom settings for each game. Even cooler, you can download game specific addons for many of the biggest games our right now (I’m looking at you, WoW heads).
    The Razer Epic Naga is a beast. It has everything you need in a gaming mouse. That being said, If you are looking for a simple mouse replacement or a slick little mouse for first person shooters, it may have too many features. I would recommend this for the serious MMOG player that wants control over every detail of their gaming. Also to note, it is one of the most expensive mice on the market which will probably deter the casual gamer.
    Where to Buy?
    The Razer Epic Naga is sold primarily online. One of the most reliable (and also cheapest) places to look is on Amazon. Click here to see the product page for the Epic Naga.

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