Logitech G500 Review

Logitech G500 Review
Logitech G500 Review
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The Logitech G500 is one of the best choices out today for a gaming mouse. This mouse is cheaper than the G700 and has almost all of the customization of the G9X and various programmable features. Compared to the Mx 518, this mouse really crosses the line from a general, programmable, and comfortable mouse into the world of gaming mice. The G500 is based on an extremely sensitive 5700 DPI laser engine. If you are already thinking about purchasing this mouse, you can click here to go to Amazon.
Speed and Accuracy
The G500 has an extremely sensitive 5700 DPI. This is among the highest sensitivity you can find in a gaming mouse today. Like the G9X, this mouse has sensitivity you can adjust on-the-fly, letting you change anywhere from 200 DPI for slow and accurate actions such as sniping, to 5700 DPI for quick tweaking movements where speed counts.
The G500 is also very customizable, but slightly less so than the G9X. It features 27 grams of changeable weights that you can add to get your desired feel. Another feature Logitech includes that I really enjoy is the dual-mode scroll wheel. This allows you to scroll click-by-click or quick and seamlessly. This is important for things such as weapon selection where an accurate scroll wheel counts, while a quick and free scroll wheel is more desirable where you don’t need to be accurate, such as navigating the web.
Extra Settings
The G500 boasts 10 buttons that are fully customizable. You can set them to any number of things from changing to mouse sensitivity to creating custom macros. The G500 also stores these settings in onboard memory, which allows you to plug and play on any computer you want without changing your settings. This mouse also has one more button than the G9X, but it holds only one profile to the G9X’s

  • Conclusion
    For the price and the features, this is probably one of my favorite mice. For me it’s all about customization. I prefer wired mice and this one not only delivers in performance, but also has a high level of customization. You can’t go wrong with the G50

  • Where to Buy?
    The Logitech G500 can be obtained from Amazon. Compared to other places online, Amazon is usually the most affordable. Click here to buy it on Amazon.

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