Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Laser Mouse Review

Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Laser Mouse Review
Razer Mamba Wireless Gaming Laser Mouse Review
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The Mamba is Razer’s high-end gaming mouse offering. This mouse is the most expensive of any Razer mouse and has the performance to back it up. The mouse arrives seated on a pedastal that doubles as the charging dock – probably the coolest package any mouse comes in. This mouse is similar to the Orochi in that it is able to switch from wired to wireless, but has a longer, seven-foot braided cord. If you are serious about your gaming and want a wireless mouse with the performance of a wired mouse, this is a mouse to consider. If you are already going to purchase the Mamba, click here to see it on Amazon.
Speed and Accuracy
The Mamba’s speed and accuracy rivals any other high-end gaming mouse with 5600 DPI. The DPI is also adjustable so you can change the mouse’s sensitivity as is needed. As I mentioned earlier, this mouse is similar to the Orochi in that the mouse is wireless but can be quickly plugged in to charge and save battery. Unlike the Orochi, there is no drop in performance for using this mouse wireless. The DPI is a constant 5600, and the mouse boasts a 1ms response rate whether or not it is plugged in. The feet, like other Razer products, are zero-acoustic slick teflon to allow the mouse to move quickly and easily.
Extra Features
Besides being a high-performance wireless mouse, the Mamba packs in some other features. There are 7 buttons you can program – your standard three and four on the side. Two of the buttons are quite close to the left click button for quick pressing, but some gamers may find them too close. The side of the mouse features a battery indicator so you’ll always know if when it’s time to charge. Like some other Razer mice, the Mamba also has onboard memory to keep all of you settings. This means you can access your button or profile settings from anywhere.  The real draw to this mouse  is the amount of speed you can get from a wireless mouse. While some other gaming mice have up to an 8ms delay, the Mamba has a 1ms delay even when it isn’t plugged in. Razer claims the battery lasts for up to 14 hours of continuous play, so this is a perfect wireless mouse for marathon gaming.
Where to Buy?
You can buy the Razer Mamba wireless gaming mouse from a variety of places online. Amazon is usually one of the most affordable places to get electronics like this. Click here to see the Razer Mamba on Amazon.

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