Sony Mobile Sony SW3 Smartwatch Review

Sony Mobile Sony SW3 Smartwatch Review
Sony Mobile Sony SW3 Smartwatch Review

The Sony Mobile Sony® SW3 Smartwatch is aimed towards fitness fanatics with its square face and GPS abilities. It works smoothly and the built-in USB port is a bonus, as it does not need a charging cradle.

Are you looking for a stylish stainless steel version in Android Wear? The Sony Mobile Sony® SW3 Smartwatch is high on most people’s lists when it comes to design and style. This timepiece is more than just a watch; it is a smartwatch with sports enthusiasts in mind and includes GPS.

What Makes The Sony SW3 Stand Out

The Sony SW3 GPS Smartwatch has a square face design with different available straps of stainless steel to rubber straps and one can have a stylish or fitness device. The standard flexible rubber strap is on the heavy side, but comfortable to wear.

It comes with a micro-USB port for charging and allows one to actually remove the watch from the strap as the screen pops out from the surrounded rubber. This provides one with a versatile choice from choosing different color styled bands.

This Android smartwatch is waterproof and great to use for swimming activities. The square face display is 1.6 inches with a 320 x 320-pixel resolution. You can choose from a selection of watch faces, even so, it does not provide you with a big selection to choose from. However, with the Android Wear app you can customize the watch with the available Google Play Store watch faces.

Android Wear Software

The SW3 uses an Android Wear operating system and is identical to other Android Wear Smartwatches that connects to one’s Android device only and shows the upcoming calendar appointments, weather, and incoming notifications.

Notifications and information are displayed as cards that one can swipe. The smart watch operates with voice commands to set timers, ask about the weather, or bring up one’s schedule. You can dictate emails and do web searches on the watch. Another great feature is that one store music directly to the smartwatch as it has 4GB storage so that you can listen to music while you are on the go!

Great Watch for Fitness

For keeping fit, the SW3 is a great watch for fitness as it has a built-in GPS for tracking running. Enjoy running while listening to the stored music available on the watch. Another plus is that it has built-in Wi-Fi and NFC connectivity allowing you to access content on the web, as needed.

Battery Life of the SW3

The battery life lasts up to two days if one is not using the added features such as listening to music, GPS, and always-on display mode. When using all the provided features it requires a charge by the end of the day. The built-in charging is less of a hassle and great as you will not need a charging cradle.

Quality Features

The smartwatch is waterproof with an IP58 rating and provides one with a 1-year warranty

Battery life for up to 2 days if only used as a watch

Designed with accelerometer, Gyro, Ambient light, Compass, and GPS sensors

Receive notifications, voice command operational, with an impressive stand-alone function

The Samsung SW3 is powered by Android Wear

Use it for fitness with the iFit GPS app available from Android Wear to track speed, elevation, heart rate, and distance

Customer Reviews

There are many different Sony Mobile Sony® SW3 Smartwatch Reviews available online from customers who have tested and bought the smartwatch. The feelings on this watch are moderate with some customers saying that it is not very stylish compared to other watches.

Many customers, on the other hand, love the stand-alone feature as they do not require their phone while running, and the battery life is far better than most other fitness smartwatches. Another point score received from most customers is the fact that it has a built-in USB port that is superb.


The GPS freedom is great

Provides decent battery life

Charging is easy with the Micro-USB

The Android Smartwatch is waterproof

Runs Android Wear without any problems

The square look is great for some clients

The detachable core is great to change different straps


The screen is not easy to read

The rubber strap collects dust and lint

Android Wear still in progress


The Sony Mobile Sony® SW3 Smartwatch is aimed towards fitness fanatics with its square face and GPS abilities. It works smoothly and the built-in USB port is a bonus, so no charging cradle is needed. The Android Wear is still a work in progress and may not presently be offering enough applications, but with time, this watch will receive enough apps to make it one of the best smartwatches available for both fitness and fashionistas.

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