LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch Review

LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch Review
LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch Review

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The LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch is a great smartwatch for those who are on a tight budget or are new to this sort of technology. To everyone else though it just offers to little to be a solid competitor.

Smartwatch at a Glance…

The LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch is a sleek and simple smartwatch device that combines a perfect blend of activity tracking functionalities and push notification features. The design also accentuates comfort and flexibility which is a good choice for those looking for a more compact smartwatch to accompany them daily.

Features & Benefits…

The LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch is available in most online retail stores at an extremely low price tag. While it only comes in black it uses a nice finish that gives it a higher level of style. The compact and sleek look also makes it comfortable on the wrist. The light weight makes it an ideal companion when on the go as it prevents any form of distractions.

It utilizes a motion detection that can accurately calculate the user’s daily routine such as sleep, waking, walking and running time. It will display all data clearly and will give the user a detailed summary of their progress in terms of health and fitness.

It can also give you details on calories burned throughout the day which can help you make a more appropriate diet and workout routine. The sleep monitor can record your sleep quality based on your sleep duration.

It is also equipped with its own UV detection feature which can help alert you if ultraviolet levels are way above the safe limits. An ambient temperature gauge can give you the accurate temperature of your surroundings as well.

As a smartwatch device it features the basics. It can alert users of any incoming calls and SMS from their smartphone. It is compatible with Android 4.3 devices and up only. Unfortunately, iOS devices cannot be used in conjunction with the LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch.

The LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch is also equipped with an anti-lost feature that is a two way alert notification program. If either your smartwacth or smartphone gets disconnected from each other each will sound off an alarm and allows you to check the location of the device using the GPS locator.

Is this the Smartwatch for you?

The LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch is a nice smartwatch but do not expect it to match up to other higher end devices or other LEMFO devices such as the LEMFO Y02 Smartwatch which are highly rated by customers in both construction and features.

The What Best Smartwacth Round Up…

The LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch is a rather limited device but utilizes the necessary features to a degree that it can stand on its own. While not a perfect smartwatch it and is a little rough around the edges if you need something simple and user friendly while also being cheap then LEMFO Y005 Smartwatch is a good choice.

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