Garmin Vivoactive Sports Smartwatch Review

Garmin Vivoactive Sports Smartwatch Review
Garmin Vivoactive Sports Smartwatch Review

If you are in need of fitness watch, the Garmin Vivoactive Sports Smartwatch is the best available on the market offering you a variety of different built-in sports apps to use.

If you are looking for a fitness watch that provides you with a WOW factor the latest edition of Garmin is definitely going to blow your mind away. The Garmin Vivoactive Sports Smartwatch is a stylish GPS-equipped timepiece and fitness tracker.

This is not just your ordinary watch with its slim, stylish design; it has some impressive features with a long battery life that will make many of its owners very happy.

What Can this Sports Watch Do

The Vivoactive is part fitness tracker and part GPS sports watch, for a fraction of your typical smartwatch price. It will provide one with notifications on incoming calls, emails, app and calendar alerts from your Smartphone connected via Bluetooth.

You can use the vibration alert as a wake-up call in the morning, if needed. As a bonus, there is a great app available for this watch called Connect IQ . Connect IQ is used as a third-party app for widgets & watch faces one can install on the device. As previously mentioned, it has built-in trackers to track distance traveled, sleep activity, and calories burned.

You can set daily goals, manually or automatically with alerts or notifications. It measures biking workouts, swimming laps, running and has additional features allowing you to customize it to track your fitness needs.

Stylish Design

In many smartwatches that have GPS capability the design is on the bulky side, however, the Vivoactive is slim and light with a dimension of 1.72 x 1.52 x 0.32 inches. The GPS fitness watch always-on display does not require you to tap the screen to wakeup your device. The screen resolution is 205 x 148-pixels.

The timepiece presents you with a color display and always ready to read and available with a backlight for low-light conditions. Choose from two different color designs in white or black silicone strap that is interchangeable. The smartwatch has a 5 ATM rating, making it a waterproof smartwatch up to 50 meters.

The watch has two capacitive keys and two physical buttons! The buttons activate the backlight and allows for powering the watch on or off. Some other functions of the buttons open the app and stop activities. The capacitive keys provide one with a back, return to the previous screen, and menu options.


Some preinstalled apps include biking, golfing, treadmill running, walking indoors, biking indoors, and swimming. It also has a find my phone feature and with one tap, it makes your Smartphone ring or vibrates while connected to the Bluetooth with a range of about 30 feet.

The touchscreen is simple to use and with the different widgets installed you can glance at the weather, activity tracking, and emails. There are many different apps one can install directly from the Garmin app site.

The Vivoactive pairs with different devices and supports iOS and Android.

Training With The Vivoactive

The Vivoactive designed for the active person and one of the best exercise watches as it uses GPS radio for biking, running, golf and other apps. The watch tracks your routes and provides you with information on speed, calories burned, distance, pace, and time lapsed. Features include auto pause, interval training, auto lap and more.

It does not include an HRM, but you can pair an ANT+ strap to provide you with your heart rate training. The smartwatch automatically uploads data to the device once completing training and one can view information through the Garmin app.

Battery life

Garmin claims that the Vivoactive has a battery life that lasts up to 3 weeks when used in watch and activity track mode. When using GPS it lasts up to about 10 hours. Charging of the watch is done through a magnetic cradle connecting to the watch and you can synchronize it with your computer or Smartphone.

Superb Features

Pairs with most Smartphone’s and vibrates to display alerts from incoming text, calls, emails, social media, and other apps

One can customize the watch with different watch face designs, apps from the Connect IQTM store, and widgets

Has built-in exercise and sports apps with GPS-enabled golfing, swimming, biking, and running

Slim design and sunlight readable with a high-resolution color touchscreen

Includes a 1-year limited warranty, microfiber cleaning cloth, Garmin data/charging clip, Pen Brush cleaning system, LCD Screen Protector 5 pieces, Lowepro Compact Courier Bag and quick start manual

Customer Feedback

Overall, when it comes to Garmin Vivoactive Sports Smartwatch Reviews, the fitness fanatic loves this watch as it combines one of the best sports watches and smartwatches in one. They are pleased with the design, top-notch notifications, and apps provided with the device. The only concern is the dull low-res screen, making it impossible to read at times.


Loaded with sports apps

Provides superb battery life

Provides plenty of notifications for different apps

The design is stylish and the always-on color display is decent

Multisport tracking through GPS is superb


The auto-adjusting goals are excellent


The Connect IQ app store is lacking apps

The Sleep tracking is unimpressive


If you are in need of fitness watch, the Garmin Vivoactive Sports Smartwatch is the best available on the market offering you a variety of different built-in sports apps to use. The design provides the sports enthusiast with a stylish watch to wear during the day or night. You can read more about this watch on Amazon.

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