Advantages and the Best Way to Pick a Perfect Smartwatch for Your Lifestyle

Advantages and the Best Way to Pick a Perfect Smartwatch for Your Lifestyle
Advantages and the Best Way to Pick a Perfect Smartwatch for Your Lifestyle

Smartwatches a.k.a. cell phone watch have been going around the market for the past couple of years. It is a nice upgrade from the regular digital watch, and another addition to our fast evolving world of technology. Cell phone watches are basically computerized wristwatches that work like a personal digital assistant, more commonly known as a PDA.

It is definitely a convenient invention because it merges both style and function.
The first kind of cell phone watch was created in the early 80’s. The only function it had was a memory bank that was able to store 24 contacts. Later, Seiko created a watch that was revolutionary at the time because not only was it able to store contacts, it also came with an external keyboard for easier computing capability.

In the 90’s, watch companies came up with smart watches that both had a RAM and a ROM.

The cell phone watch manufactured today, unlike its earlier counterparts, can already run mobile applications. Most of them also function as portable media players that have earphone slots that can store songs, movies, and can even serve as a radio! Today’s smartwatch can even include a camera, GPS navigation, an SD card slot, rechargeable batteries, and even a touchscreen interface!

A few can even run a mobile operating system. Some smart watch models are even capable of answering and receiving phone calls. All they need are Bluetooth headsets to be able to do just that.

All these functions can surprisingly be wrapped around your wrist. Most smart watches that are available in the market are practically wearable computers that can stand alone without the help of your laptop or tablet.

Advantages of Purchasing a Cell Phone Watch

Tiny and Portable.
Walking around with a big and heavy bag that stores your laptop can be quite tiring, especially if you’re the type of person always on the go. True, a tablet can fit in your bag, your purse, or even your attaché case.

But if you think about it, so can a laptop. It’s also true that you can lug the tablet around whether you’re going to work, the mall, the grocery, to the park, or even out clubbing .

However, can you just imagine going on vacation in Paris, where there’s a lot of walking, and having to carry around your heavy laptop or tablet? With a cell phone watch, you can have a convenient connection  to your other gadgets.

You can have a GPS, a phone, and even browse the internet while on the streets of Barcelona or Egypt! You can check where the most happening clubs are, or check how you can get back to your hotel by foot just by clicking a few buttons on your watch.

Easy to Use.
At this day and age, most people are already using a smartphone to begin with. The cell phone watch acts like a smartphone, only with a tinier screen. Even those who claim they aren’t tech savvy are sure to enjoy the use of the cell phone watch. The touchscreen feature eliminates all qualms you have about having to press a screen with tiny buttons or keypads. It’s very direct so the screen will show you all options available with just a simple click.

Rechargeable Batteries.
One of the many hassles of a regular watch is having to change batteries every once in a while. The great thing about the cell phone watch is that it comes with rechargeable batteries that can be solar powered or plugged into your USB port, or even plugged into a socket. There’s no more worrying about having dead batteries and looking for a store that sells your watch’s battery because with a cell phone watch, all you need to do is recharge it.

Technology and Style Rolled into

One. In the olden days, a wearing a watch says a lot about a person. It can mean that a person is a professional. It can also mean that the person has great work ethics, like punctuality and organizational skills. Wearing a watch these days come as a fashion piece than a necessity since your mobile phone can easily give you the time. If you don’t have a phone at hand, however, your watch will come in handy not only for telling time, but for the many different features stated above as well.

Should I Get a Cell Phone Watch?

Okay, so I know the basics of a smart watch, but is it for me? What should be my basis on getting them? If you are asking yourself these questions then see if the following apply to you.

Are you the type of person who actually wears a watch but wants more out of it for almost the same price?

At this day and age, watches are slowly becoming irrelevant due to the many types of technology that have been coming into the marketplace. If you ask a teenager to describe a watch, they would probably just tell you that “ it can tell the time .” Truth be told, your phone can do the same thing without having to carry it around on your wrist.

For many people who prefer to look at the time by just turning their wrist, or for those who prefer wearing a wristwatch for its aesthetic appeal, then this is where the smart watch comes in. You will be able to buy a smart watch for almost the same cost as a really nice watch. It actually is even cheaper than those well-known, high-end brands. You will also have access to a more features that just being able to tell time.

Are you the type of person who wants to be in “the know” at all times? Do you check your twitter feed a couple of times an hour?

The great thing about a smart watch is that it works like an RSS feed for all your accounts. It tells you when you’ve just received and important message and you can then choose to read and answer it or ignore it.

The best thing about it is that it makes you go about your daily life without you having to pause and check for an email. It will stop people from thinking that you enjoy rudely interrupting conversations just so you can check your phone.

You won’t even look disinterested on a date anymore because with only a twist of the wrist, you can read an important message.

A cell phone watch helps you stay connected with the cyber world while you’re able to enjoy your life in the real world without having to pick up your smart phone every two minutes.

Are you the type of person who gets bored easily? Do you want to change accessories every once in a while?

If that’s the case, you’ll be happy to know that smart watches can be customized to your own liking. Smart watches are different, both in functionality and aesthetics. Most companies that make and develop smart watches are constantly improving their functionality on a regular basis. They come up with new applications all the time and even tie up with app developers.

They also have user and developer centered help desks to be able to easily upgrade and update apps to suit every consumer’s style and taste. Not only that, most cell phone watch companies believe that the function of a cell phone watch should never exceed style and that there should be equal parts of both. This means that you can easily customize your watch by changing the straps and putting charms on them. You can even change its face colors.

Choosing the Perfect Smart Watch for You

Features and Functions.

Determine what kind of feature and functions you need on a daily basis. Are you a businessman wanting to check your portfolio and stocks online? Do you want to be able to get the notes of your AVP without having to switch on your phone, tablet, or laptop? Or are you a fashionista wanting to get the latest trends and knowing when your favorite brands will go on sale? You first have to know and list down what’s most important to you, together with the must-haves.

Nowadays, even technology comes in different colors and sizes. Just like everything else, you are able to choose the color of the smart watch you are getting. Do you prefer wearing loud, psychedelic colors? Or are you more reserved when it comes to the things you wear? Some cell phone watches are more bulky than others and some come in rectangular shapes while others are more rounded.

Decide on the type and make.
More and more well-known brands, especially those in the mobile and technology industry are coming up with their own versions on smart watches. You have to decide what type of watch best suits you. If you want to be able to sync files to your other devices, it’s best that you purchase a cell phone watch compatible with your other gadgets.

Also, make sure to read reviews of people who have purchased the same models you are looking at. This way, you will eliminate the possibility of buying a watch that does not come up to your standards.





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