15 Pros and Cons of Y5 3G Smartwatch (Full Review)

15 Pros and Cons of Y5 3G Smartwatch (Full Review)
15 Pros and Cons of Y5 3G Smartwatch (Full Review)

After the Y3 has been selling well in China the company has decided to release their latest one which is a successor to it. Its called the Y

  • Considering the specs, features, price and most importantly the design it is different from every angle. Without any further ado lets do the Y5 3G Smartwatch Phone review with pros and cons.

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    Below are the lists of Y5 3G Smartwatch advantages and disadvantages review which can be also be considered as pros and cons along with problems and issues.

    Reasons to Buy Y5 Smartwatch (Pros and Advantages):

    It comes with a regular 1.39 inch circular panel which has a resolution of 400×400 pixels. Means technically it has a pixel density of 287 ppi (pixels per inch). By the way the technology of screen is AMOLED which has better viewing angles, saturation and the most important is that it consumes less power compared to IPS LCD.

    Engine is powered by a decently powerful 1.3 GHz Mediatek MTK6580 chipset. Its a quad-core CPU which have no any problems like application lagging or heating issues.

    Next Y5 3G Smartwatch pros is that for multitasking it comes with 512 MB RAM. When you start the device for the first time it will have around 270 MB left out of 512 MB.

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    Internally it has 4 GB of secondary memory. You can install applications and even store music files locally.

    Another good reason to buy Y5 Smartwatch is for the ability to hold a SIM card. Yes, you read that right. It supports GSM (Global) SIM card. You can make and receive calls much like a smartphone. No any pairing is required with smartphone. Users can also send network text messages with it.

    Apart from making calls it also supports 2G and 3G internet. Means Facebook, email, Whatsapp and many messaging applications are supported.

    A pedometer is present which counts you footsteps and at the end it tell you an estimated value of how much calorie you have burnt in the process.

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    Another health activity feature is the heart rate sensor which measures your heart beat. The sensor is placed right below the watch which touches your skin. It is not 100% accurate but does the job for casual checkup.

    Out of the box it runs on the Android 5.1 which is the Lollipop version. You can install and run any applications from the Google Play Store without any issues.

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    1You can connect to a smartphone with Bluetooth as a remote control of smartphones to take pictures. Wireless music with wireless headphones, speakers or any other is compatible by just pairing with its Bluetooth. If you keep the smartwatch paired with a smartphone you will be able to find your smartphone if you have lost somewhere but within the Bluetooth range. It also comes with Wi-Fi as a wireless communication feature.

    1The material of the body is 316L stainless steel and glass over it is very hard. The strap is a soft leather.

    1For navigation it has GPS (global positioning system) which works turn by turn navigation with maps.

    1And the last Y5 Smartwatch advantages is the 380 mAh which gives backup of more than a day.

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    Reasons Not to Buy Y5 3G Smartwatch (Cons, Demerits, Downsides, Disadvantages, Issues and Problems):

    The first cons or problems is that there is no camera. I am asking for it as many other has been able to provide. Follow this link for a smartwatch which has a camera.

    It does not have a memory card slot. The 4 GB is fine but when others are able to provide its not an excuse considering the price tag.

    And the last Y5 Smartwatch cons is that the smartwatch is not waterproof. It has no an IP rating. Users have the tendency to

    My Verdict : Good specs, good price but with a couple of cons. In case if you are looking for a better alternative smartwatch then follow the link below.

    A Far Better Alternative Smartwatch

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