Choosing the best Hair Removal Machines


The demand for laser hair removal techniques has resulted in a spate of  machines entering the market. Though many of these machines may use the same technology, they come with their own unique features. For instance there may be a dozen machines using the alexandrite laser but each brand of machine will come with its own host of features and other technological advantages. So, if choosing the right kind of laser depends on the skin tone of the person getting treated, selecting the right kind of machine depends on not just the model but the unique features it offers.


The best and the most popular lasers in use today are the Diode, the alexandrite and the Nd: YAG lasers. The Alexandrite systems are most effective for light skinned, dark haired individuals. The pulsed laser makes it easier for deep penetration and effectively damages the hair follicle. Apogee Cynosure is a good machine for this method. This machine comes coupled with an Nd: YAG l system too and hence can be used for treating people with darker skin tones. It also has a ‘smart cool’ system which aids to reduce patient discomfort during the treatment.


The other system which is giving good results is the Lumenis lightsheer duet system which is used for Diode lasers. This latest offering from Lumenis comes with a vacuum assist technology and claims to make the laser procedure fast as well as pain free with a greater degree of efficacy than the other machines. This system can be used effectively to remove hair from large areas like the back or the legs.


Nd: YAG laser is the undisputed model which is being used effectively for people with dark skin tone and dark hairs. The CoolGlide laser from Cutera and the Sciton’s Profile are some of the most popular ones used for procedures. While the CoolGlide system boasts of higher penetration rates and an effective cooling device, the Sciton’s Profile has the advantage of adding multiple Nd: YAG laser systems to a single base unit. This way, several lasers of different wavelengths can be fixed to a single base, cutting out on multiple units and control panels, etc.


Though these machines all come with attractive features, it is essential to choose the machine that best meets the client requirements. Since patient discomfort and pain are the most common issues with these procedures, it is better to choose the one which comes with features that enable the maximum pain free experience. This can help eliminate the use of numbing creams and other medications.

Another important aspect while choosing a good machine is its utility factor. Since these machines come at hefty prices, it is worth the money to spend on a system that can have various other uses apart from the laser. Multifunctionality is a big add on when spending a lot of money. Finally, the brand and quality should not be compromised on since these laser hair removal procedures are very expensive and money spent quality can always earn big rewards.




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