Nike+ Fuelband SE Review

Nike+ Fuelband SE Review
Nike+ Fuelband SE Review


As far as design goes, The SEO looks like the original FuelBand. This wristband is a solid object that can be worn or removed with a clasp. However, it is not adjustable. The original model was available in three colors: clear, white and black. On the other hand, the SE is basically black, but users have the liberty to choose from as many as 6 colors: magenta, red, yellow, black, silver and gold.

As far as my experience is concerned, choosing black as the main color for the SE was a good idea. The black color made the screen easier to read.

The SE box includes two extensions, which can be used to make the band bigger or smaller for a better fit. Since, the band has no strap for making adjustments, the band tends to wobble around on the wrist. When I tried to adjust it, I ended up hurting my wrist. So, this is a negative aspect of the band, if you ask me.


If you have absolutely no idea how to get started with this gadget, you had better head for the Nike setup site. This will make you familiar with the device in short order.

First of all, you have to install and set up the Nike+ Connect app on your PC and then sign up for an account. After you have connected the band to your PC, you can set your routine activity goal. The SE takes measurements of your activity level in its “Fuel points”. These Fuel Points are based on your activity and measured the same way, according to Nike.

Some of the info about your activity will be show on the gadget itself. The screen on the device shows the points, the number of hours you remained active for and “hours won” and the time. If you want to see your step count or the calories burnt, the SE has an option to display it on the screen. All you have to do is push a button to check your stats.

As you approach your goal, a row of lights below the big screen offers a quick way for you to monitor your dial progress. If the green lights are turning on, it means you are getting closer to the goal you set for the day.

The SE has an additional feature allowing you to create “sessions”. This allows you to monitor the Fuel Points earned over the course of a certain activity, such as an evening run. Besides, it lets you track the duration of an activity as well. In a session, The SEO monitors the “FPM, too, but gives you no idea as to what the FPM means. With a bit of thinking, I came to know that it meant “Fuel points per minute”.

The gadget syncs with the Nike+ FuelBand software without any cord, but for synching with a PC, the USB cable has to be used.

I had one issue with connectivity: after connecting the gadget to my PC, I was not able to download data to my Nike+ account. Instead, I was shown error message. To fix the issue, as a last resort, I reset the SE, which resolved the problem, but I, of course, had to part with the data I uploaded.


Nike Fuel points let you compare your activity of the day with that of other people. However, I have no idea how Nike calculates the points, so the points do not carry any weight outside the world of Nike+.

Nike made an announcement that it updated its powerful algorithm for the purpose of measuring activity with higher accuracy. The purpose was to offer more Fuel Points for activities of high intensity, such as running and less points for the rest of activities, such as typing at a keyboard.

The pre-set daily goal to achieve is 2,000 Fuel Points, but it’s your cal to make as to how much daily activity you should perform, and the manufacturer didn’t tell how much activity should be performed for “best health”. As a general rule, you can say that 5,000 steps equals 1000 Fuel points.

To monitor your sleep duration, all you have to do is create a session for it. But for sleep analysis, the SE offers no option. If you are interested in finding out more about your sleep pattern, you have to go for another gadget.

The original model of the FuelBand had a lot of features, and this model also has a few features especially designed to spur on you. One feature enables you to set reminders to give you prompts to move. But I don’t have the habit to look at the screen of the gadget, and when I am sitting down, I mostly miss the reminders.

With the unique “hours won’, I realized that I didn’t moved enough during the day. Typically, I won a few hours, which was not enough.

If you like competitions, your account with Nike+ will allow you to connect with your friends for activity comparison. You will get notified if you break a record.


The greatest feature of FuelBand SE is its battery life. The new app features include many new ways to track your activity and help you improve it. Two years after the launch of the first model of FuelBand, the addition of social features in the device make it an ideal one. Remember: your mileage will be different based on the number of your friends who are using the device.

Nowadays, there are many fitness-tracking on the market we are spoilt for choice but On the whole it is quiet pricey based on its available functions.

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