User Instructions of a Sewing Machine

User Instructions of a Sewing Machine
User Instructions of a Sewing Machine

Sewing machines are too complex and difficult to use specifically for those who are new learners and beginners. This article contains some information about the instruction to use a sewing machine appropriately.

Look for Thread Guide:

The thread guide takes the thread from spool that is basically on top of the sewing machine to a winder referred as bobbin winder

Look for Stitch Adjustment Buttons:

There are various adjustment buttons on the sewing machine depending upon the type of machine you are using. The adjustment buttons are helpful in selecting the length as well as type of stitch. There is also manual for further instructions.

Place Sewing Machine on Sturdy Table:

It is mostly suggested that in order to prevent backache, the user should sit over a height adjustable chair. Place and arrange the sewing machine on the table in a way that body of the sewing machine will be on right side and needle will be on the left.

Install a Needle Securely:

After placing the machine properly, install a needle into the machine. Needle should have a flat surface depending upon the stitching you are going to do. Don’t plug in the switch until you insert the needle.

Wind and Insert the Bobbin:

There are two sources of threads; first one is the lower thread and the other one is top thread. In order to fill the thread in the bobbin, wrap and fold the thread from spool of thread. Place the bobbin into the cage under the needle and below the upper half of sewing machine. Leave one end of thread on the upper half of the sewing machine.


Using a sewing machine is not a difficult job but it is very important to work safely.  One of the most essential things that should be kept in mind that sewing machine should be assembled and oiled properly to increase the useful life of sewing machine. In addition to that, threading is automatic in most of the machines. There following main options for threading a machine; thread up, left, down, into hook and thread through needle.

Plug the machine in and turn it on:

There is an automatic light mechanism in many sewing machines for the safety of user. Plug in the sewing machine and pedal of the machine. Keep the pedal at comfortable place under your feet so that you can easily work on that.

Practice on some scrap material:

In order to start the sewing machine, it is better to experience a sewing machine over a rough and soft piece of cotton.

Press the foot pedal:

The pedal under you feet is actually responsible to control the speed of the machine. It will also assist to increase the efficiency of the machine.

A Few Tips

If your sewing machine has knee bar instead of a foot pedal then place the knee bar under your knee and then press it. Along with that, there is also a balance wheel on the sewing machine so that your machine can spin easily or you can also operate the balance wheel from our hand. One of the most important tips for the better performance of your sewing machine is that by applying machine oil into the sewing machine will increase the durability. When you are stitching a cloth, don’t pull the cloth because it will either break the needle or will clog the thread. In case, if you are feeling that your sewing machine is not functioning properly then use the foot pedal and press it tightly. Along with that, by adjusting the length as well as adjusting the parts of machine will also increase the efficiency of your sewing machine.

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