Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Sewing Machine
Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Sewing Machine

Now, it is affordable and possible for people to set trends with the incredible, efficient and easy to use, Brother CS5055PRW sewing machine. This sewing machine has provided couture solutions to assist the customers so that the users can stitch their clothes in best way and according to latest fashion. There many unique features of Brother CS5055PRW50 and some are discussed as below:

Features of Product

Ultra Portable and Light in Weight:

This sewing machine contains small footprint that raise the machine above the floor. The lightweight sewing machines are portable as users can also carry this sewing from one place to other. Along with that, it is also perfect for those who have to take machine into their stitching and designing classes.

LCD display Screen with Various Stitch Selectors:

Brother’s sewing machine also contains LCD display that contains different stitching options for the users so that the user can easily view the entire alternative and select them with a single touch. In addition to that, LCD display also contain various lengths and widths of stitch

Convenient Stitch Chart:

The sewing machine has a stitch chart with different built in designs and stitches that are printed on the right of the sewing machine.

Super Bright Workspace:

There a LED lit on the workspace in order to provides a brighter area so that the user can easily view the details of project and stitch. Additionally, this lit is best for stitching a darker fabric.

Easy Threading, with Automatic Needle Threader:

User can easily and efficiently thread the whole machine within few seconds with a single touch. The needle of the sewing machine is also threaded automatically.

Quick Set Top Bobbin:

You have to insert your bobbin into the lower half of the machine by viewing it from clear cover. Threading and winding a bobbin is also very easy.

Vertical Spool Pin:

This spool pin is mostly used in expensive and high quality sewing machines but this sewing machine also contains the pin in a very affordable price. This makes the feeding of threads easy and efficient.

Fashion Statement:

This CS5055PRW not only provides various stitch options and alternatives but it also provides a solution of stitching all types of fabrics.


Brother CS 5055 has 25 years of warranty. This shows that the machine is of high quality and it has provided ease of maintenance and repairing to the users as the company will repair it without incurring extra charges.

Pros and Cons


High quality and durable sewing machine

Strong metallic built in and base

Various features and stitch options

Easy threading of machine and needle

Automatic functions

LCD display screen

LED lit for brighter workspace


Warranty Card



Produces some noise

What Customers Say?

Most of the customers like the entire features of this sewing machine. Most appreciated features are the LCD display and LED lit for a brighter work area specifically for the users so that they can see all the details. Some customers also complained about the noise produced by the machine. Overall this sewing machine got a good rating of 4.5 stars out of

  • Conclusion

    I will suggest all of the customers to buy this extraordinary sewing machine because of its unique and wide range of features. The machine provides its customers with all required features such as LED lit, automatic threading and LCD display. Although, this sewing machine contains various options and length of stitch but it is affordable and customers can easily buy this.

    It costs only for $ 149.97.

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