SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine

SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine
SINGER 2259 Tradition Sewing Machine


Singer has maintained its image and quality from past many years. Customers from all over the world trust the brand and are loyal to their electronic products because of the good quality and affordable process. Singer 2259 has also been provided with range of distinct features. Following are main features of singer 2259:

Features of Product

Durability :

Singer 2259 is durable as it is made from heavy duty metallic frame. Along with that, the strong inner support assists in keeping all functions and mechanisms perfect and well aligned and restricts from any sort of gaps in stitching.

Perfect Thread Tension:

In addition, singer 2259 has provided a perfect thread tension in order to avoid gaps in stitching. This sewing machine stitches the fabrics accurately because of the automatic system that provides a proper tension. This will support user to sew a good quality of stitch irrespective of the type of the fabric.


This sewing machine contains 19 different built-in stitches that include normal stretch and variety of other decorative stitches. This Singer 2259 contains variety of alternatives and options for all of its features. It also contains different Stitch widths including zigzag and lengths that can be set as per the requirement of user. This sewing machine also has multiple positons for the needle so that it can perform various stitches such as topstitching, cording and inserting zippers.

Free Arms:

The sewing machine also contains free arms for the perfect and neat stitching of collars, cuffs and pant hems.


These sewing machines are portable and users can easily take them to different places and place them wherever they want.

Easy to use

Threading of the machine is very easy and it is done through an automatic process. There are also instructions printed on the right side of machine for further guidance and convenience of the users. Now, you can also thread a bobbin and insert it in the lower half of the sewing machine easily. With a clear cover, you can see the bobbin and area where it is to be inserted.


This sewing machine has provided 25 years of warranty to its customers so that they can easily maintain their machine without paying extra charges.

Pros and Cons


Reliable as well as durable

Perfect stitch with variety of designs

Embroidery can be done

Variety of stitch width and lengths



Many needle positions

Easy to use and handle

25 years Warranty


Cannot stitch perfectly over heavy fabrics such as denims

Most of the Instruction manual are in Spanish

What Customers Say?

Customers are fully satisfied with the range of features of this sewing machine. It’s most appreciated and liked features are its variety of designs and its stitch lengths and widths. Some of the customers complain that the instruction manual is written in Spanish and they are unable to read that. Along with that, beginners also liked all the features of this machine as it is easy to learn and operate. They claimed that they feel professional to design their clothes in many designs and styles and with the efficient performance of sewing machine, the users are free of all hassle tensions as well as backache. The sewing machine has got a good rating of 4.1 stars out of

  • Conclusion

    I will recommend all the readers to buy this efficient and unique sewing machine as it has extraordinary range of features and function.  This sewing machine is available in market at a very affordable price and every one can easily buy this.

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