Review of the budget multimedia notebook ASUS X756UQ-TY366T

Review of the budget multimedia notebook ASUS X756UQ-TY366T
Review of the budget multimedia notebook ASUS X756UQ-TY366T

Many people think about buying a laptop instead of a stationary PC and, as a rule, tend to more comfortable models with a larger screen. On the one hand, want to buy a device with a good «stuffing», such as the latest generation processor and graphics card, on which you can play in undemanding games or simple 3D applications. On the other hand, want the price was not high.

The laptop comes in the usual black-gray box for ASUS. The box itself looks presentable and has a handle for carrying. In addition to the laptop is a small power adapter, user manual and warranty card.

Diagonal display ASUS X756UQ – 1

  • 3 inches, and the weight of the device is 7 kg, which makes it not very convenient for transportation in a bag or backpack and assumes a predominantly stationary operation.

    The case cover is made of textured brown plastic. The surface of the lid is glossy, and it is quite noticeably covered with fingerprints. In the center there is a silvery ASUS logo.

    The frame of the 13-inch display is also made of black plastic. Above the display is a web camera with microphones, and under them in the center is another silver ASUS logo.

    The mid-sized touchpad is located with a small offset to the left of the center of the working surface. Reacts well, but – subjectively – with the mouse will be much more convenient.

    On the left side of the case there is a jack for the charging cord, RJ-45 network connector, VGA and HDMI video outputs, USB 0 ports, USB 1 Type-C and a composite audio jack. On the right side there are a card reader, two USB 0 ports, an optical DVD ± RW drive and a Kensington security slot.

    The X756UQ-TY366T has a low-voltage Intel Core i5 processor with a discrete video card of the multimedia level NVIDIA GeForce GT 940MX with 2 GB of video memory and 4 GB of RAM. This combination is enough to work in office programs. At home, you can surf the Internet, watch movies and photos. A hard disk with a capacity of 1000 GB allows you to store a fairly large amount of data, whether it’s working files, photo archive or audio collection.

    As for games, most of this device will pull at medium settings, and some at high settings (Overwatch, FIFA 17, World of Warships, Dota 2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive). Almost in all releases until 2015, fps at medium settings will be stably higher than 30 frames per second. If we talk about modern games, then at minimum settings you can play in Resident Evil 7, Battlefield 1 or in a fun game Rocket League.


    The laptop has a TN matrix, which means scant viewing angles. This can be a hindrance if you are sitting at an angle to the screen or plan to arrange a joint view of photos from the vacation. In normal work, this does not affect.

    The cover at the display is glossy, and the screen will blink alongside a strong light source. By itself, the display is bright, with a good one, for a notebook of this price segment, with color rendering.


    Stereo speakers give a fairly average sound quality with a small margin of loudness. If you plan to often watch movies or listen to music, then it’s better to do it with headphones or buy speakers.

    Let’s sum up the results

    ASUS X756UQ – a laptop that combines the latest generation of processors, a multimedia video card NVIDIA GeForce GT 940MX, a large 13-inch screen.

    The device is perfect for work and for running undemanding games. Display and sound are not the strengths of a laptop. But to obvious drawbacks, you can not take them, -the majority of laptops in this price segment sin the same. So, relying on the ratio of price and quality, we can with good conscience recommend you to buy it.

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