ASUS ROG G701: a review of the gaming laptop

ASUS ROG G701: a review of the gaming laptop

In early 2017, an exhibition called the Consumer Electronics Show was held. It was there that ASUS presented its latest creations. One of the most promising children of this brand was the gaming laptop ROG G70

  • What will be able to please this device of its owners?

    The body of the model is made of two materials: plastic and aluminum. This combination is specific in its own way. So, the monitor cover is completely made of aluminum, but the top of the case is hybrid. Outwardly, everything looks as if a metal edging surrounds a plastic «island.» Surface of plastic is rough. The prints on it remain, but they are only slightly visible. As for aluminum, there are no fingerprints on the metal at all.

    The color of the model is quite aggressive. Its full name sounds like ROG Armor Titanium and Plasma Copper. The notebook has a silvery tint with copper-orange inserts.

    In terms of the screen, everything is done at the proper level. So, the model in question is equipped with a 13-inch display. When creating the monitor, the IPS matrix of the LG Philips LP173WF4-SPF3 model was used. It is equipped with an anti-glare coating, providing a good visibility of the picture in any external lighting. As for the resolution, it is 1920×1080 pixels. Full HD is provided. The creators wanted to provide their product with support for 4K-resolution. However, it became clear that with this resolution there will be significant problems with the optimization of games, so the decision to stop on Full HD can be called successful.

    Keypad and touchpad specifications ASUS ROG G701

    ASUS engineers completed the ROG G701 with a simple but high-quality touchpad. This manipulator has a classic appearance: 2 buttons and a touch surface. The dimensions of this control device are 120×70 mm. The manipulator buttons are quite comfortable; In many respects convenience is guaranteed by their large size (the length of each 22 mm). The depth of depression is also optimal – only 2 mm.

    As for the keyboard, it belongs to the island type. Present and numpad, which is very like gamers. Dimensions of the keys, like the touchpad, are also quite large: 15×15 mm. The distance between the buttons is solid. It is 5 mm.

    Ports, wireless networks and multimedia ASUS ROG G701

    On the left side of the device the user will find:

    SD socket;

    2 ports for USB 0;

    Microphone input;

    Output for the headset.

    The starboard side of the ROG G701 is equipped with:

    One port for USB 0;

    Socket for USB Type C;

    HDMI output;


    A connector for the wired Internet RJ-4

    As for wireless networks, here everything is standard Bluetooth version 2, as well as Wi-Fi.

    As for the «filling», then, of course, everything is at the highest level.

    CPU. The heart of the notebook is a quad-core chip called Intel Core i7-7820HK. The nominal operating frequency of each core is 2900 MHz. However, by overclocking, the performance of the cores can be increased to 3900 MHz.

    RAM. Engineers put on the ROG G701 64 GB RAM. We can say that in this regard, developers even overstrained the stick, because today there are no such games and applications that would «absorb» more than 32 GB of memory at a time.

    Video card. Without exaggeration, the main component of any gaming computer. Here, the engineers selected a really decent model – the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 108This video card is already strong in itself, but the creators went even further and chose a model that had as much as 8 GB of allocated memory. The type of memory used is GDDR

    Memory for storing files. Engineers equipped ROG G701 with two solid-state drives RAID The volume of each drive is 512 GB.

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