Test notebook Acer Aspire VX15: huge power, huge storage, a huge mass

Test notebook Acer Aspire VX15: huge power, huge storage, a huge mass

In the 3DMark Cloud Gate benchmark, this notebook achieves new records when compared to other devices from our respective rating. 19 967 points at 160-170 fps confirm a good 3D-performance of the device.

Test results

In the case of the Acer Aspire VX 15, the VX5-591G-74CU (NH. GM2EG. 005) is a mid-range gaming notebook. During the tests, thanks to the high-performance components, it managed to get a score of 100 points in the appropriate category, having captured the title of King of the performance of our notebook rating in its price category. The excellent trump of this model is the equipment, which includes a bunch of SSD-drive and a conventional HDD (in the equipment we tested), as well as a large number of different interfaces. While the input devices are excellent and the display is for the most part convincing, mobility inevitably suffers due to the weight and dimensions of the case.

Value for money: 58

Mobility (25%): 3

  • 5

    Equipment (25%): 93

    Productivity (15%): 100

    Ergonomics (15%): 74

    Display (20%): 89

    High performance is achieved thanks to a fast quad-core Intel Core i7-7700HQ, working in conjunction with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 105Of course, laptops equipped with GTX 1060/1070/1080, achieve even more impressive results in terms of frame rate per second, but in this case they are more expensive.

    Rich equipment, convenient input devices

    Along with a capacious SSD-drive, the laptop also has an additional 1000-gigabyte classic hard drive. Thus, in total, the buyer receives a large and fast combination of data stores. A nice addition to the list of equipment are as many as 4 USB-ports (1x USB 0, 1x USB 0 Typ-C and 2x USB 0 Typ-A), as well as HDMI-out, WLAN-ac module, Gigabit LAN port and Bluetooth

  • module. A nice quiet keyboard can really like and its velvety rubberized surface. The height of the lift and the resistance to the force of pressing are as pleasant as the convincing click-through, which is neither sticky nor small.

    Display and mobility

    Matte display with a diagonal of 16-inch size, which has a resolution of Full-HD (1920 × 1080 pixels), with 282 cd / m2 offers good brightness and with 178: 1 – excellent chess contrast (simultaneous display of dark and bright areas). While the panel has a nice stability of the viewing angles, with a 62% coverage of the sRGB color space, it can not boast of extreme accuracy in the displayed colors.

    The rich equipment and cooling components for it give an appropriate increase in weight – with its 5 kg laptop does not seem easy. But the battery with a capacity of 52 Wh provides the device about 7 hours of autonomous operation in the video playback mode.

    Alternative: slightly heavier, but also cheaper – MSI GP62-6QE8H11 (0016J5-SKU1003).

    Buyers who want to save money should consider making a choice in favor of MSI GP62-6QE8H11 (0016J5-SKU1003). This model is slightly inferior in power, and the SSD-drive has a capacity of only 128 GB.

    However, here, too, there is an additional 1000-gigabyte hard drive and many different interfaces. The battery is also there, but it can withstand half the battery life of the Acer Aspire VX15 battery.

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