Lorex LW2301 Digital Wireless Security Camera System

Lorex LW2301 Digital Wireless Security Camera System
Lorex LW2301 Digital Wireless Security Camera System

The Lorex LW2301 Digital Wireless Security Camera System is a reliable and trustable surveillance system. The set up and installation is quick and simple. All you need to do is to install the camera and then followed by connecting the digital wireless receiver to your computer monitor or tv. It really is just plug and play! During installation, you will also be able to find the best installation location as you can view the signal strength as well as be notified by “out of range” message.

The Lorex LW2301 has an easy navigating and controlling on-screen menu system. This intuitive menu system not only makes set-up and changing settings easily, but also can allow you to operate the system either using the receiver or remote control. The remote control can also enable you to control all functions of the menu in case you want to hide the receiver with the feature of IR extender. The system also features multiple viewing options which includes auto sequence, full-screen as well as quad split-screen. Each viewing option enables you to enjoy the day and night vision at your home or workplace at the touch of a button!

Lorex LW2301 Digital Wireless Security Camera System Features and Specifications

Getting the system up and running is fast and easy

2GB SD Card included

Camera with built in infrared imaging

Motion detection

Camera – VGA (640×480) resolution and can be expandable up to 4 cameras

The Reviews

During the research for Lorex LW2301 digital wireless security camera system, we have found over 20 online reviews for this system and majority of them were positive. Most of the reviewers liked this camera system because of its simplicity and it is an ideal option for DIYers.

The main strength of this wireless security camera system is its simplicity. One customer was happy with his purchase as he found that this camera system is very easy to set up. According to him, his 12 year old son could set the whole system up in under 15 minutes. Another customer liked the fact that this camera system does not need complex software for setting it up and it worked very well for monitoring a small room and building entrance.

One of the great features of this camera system is infrared imaging. One of the reviewers was satisfy with his purchase as this option is part of the system. According to him, this option is essential for him and the best part is he does not need to pay extra for this infrared imaging option.

The only downside is that some reviewers said that they were disappointed because this system does not consist of remote viewing. In this case, you have to purchase more expensive wireless security camera system if you want the remote viewing option to be included. In case you are looking for a wireless security camera system that can help you to do simple local monitoring, plus recording in the dark is required, this easy-to-use system will be perfect for you.

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