Lenovo IdeaTab A10-70 tablet review

Lenovo IdeaTab A10-70 tablet review
Lenovo IdeaTab A10-70 tablet review

The great: Lenovo IdeaTab A10-70 a pretty fast and bright tablet. Colors are good and touch screen is responsive. It is light, thin and easy to hold. Passmark benchmark hit 2580 which is good for a budget tablet; it is certainly fast enough for me. The stereo speakers are on front and sound is good (but don’t expect much bass from them). I find 1200×800 to be a good resolution and Netlix is sharp and off angle viewing is good. 2D games play very well. There isn’t a lot of software installed so not a lot of junk to wade through. My 32G micro SD card worked just fine. The tablet can be encrypted and you can do a remote erase if the table becomes lost. The good: Lenovo IdeaTab A10-70  3D graphic speed is good enough to play Real Racing with decent frame rates. It wasn’t too choppy and I could steer okay. Your mileage on other games will vary. Built in radio is a nice feature but requires headphones to be plugged in, I assume for an antenna, but that means only listening via headphones.

The fair: Lenovo IdeaTab A10-70 The camera is fair. Indoor pics with lighting from large picture window with overcast sky were grainy when zooming in on the picture in the gallery. Outdoor pics in overcast skies produced the same results. I did not experience focus issues as reported by the one reviewer. The bad: Lenovo IdeaTab A10-70 does not have much information in their users manual located on the tablet, or on their web site. Their site is pretty bad, and some solutions provided weren’t even for what they said they were for. The unknown: Thought I had it connected to power but the battery died while I was using it. Swapped back to the included short USB cable and it did charge while using but very slowly. Have not found a way to add and swap users (this could be because I don’t know KitKat), but on my older tablet it’s under settings. The applications don’t get stored in alphabetical order, right now new stuff gets added at the end of the applications menu, again maybe a KitKat thing. Conclusion: Useable out of the box, easy to set up, quick, sharp, good sound, plenty of free space and has a micro SD slot for expanding storage. I can figure other ways around my limited knowledge of this tablet or KitKat, but I’ll have to keep an eye on charging while using, that would be a deal breaker if it doesn’t charge faster than it it gets used.


  • 1-inch wide-view HD display
  • Lots of viewing space to enjoy your movies and videos in HD

    Dual front-facing speakers with Dolby Audio Great sound for your movies, videos, music and games

    Quad-core processor Smooth and responsive system to enhance your enjoyment

    Long battery life up to 8 hours

    Slim design At less than 9mm (. 35-inch) thin, this tablet is comfortable and easy to take with you on the go

    Smart Sidebar optimizes display settings

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