Top 7 Reasons NOT to buy an iPad

Top 7 Reasons NOT to buy an iPad
Top 7 Reasons NOT to buy an iPad

So, Apple Fanboys – You think that iPad is a beast? You think that iPad is the best tablet ever made? No, you’re wrong. Read the article and you will know why.

So, its been more than 3 years since the first iPad was launched. Still the iPad has some flaws that are being carried with it since the first-generation. Even, the latest iPad (4th gen) feels limited when we use it. I have prepared a list of those flaws – So, lets take a look at them one-by-one.

  • Still, there’s no USB port

    This is a serious flaw – Many people don’t have WiFi connections, they use dongles to connect to the internet. Also, when you travel long distances you can’t connect to Wifi, you need a dongle for internet connection.

    Its display is still not in 16×9 format

    Whoaa! That’s shocking huh? No TVs, No Monitors and No Movies are presented in the 4×3 format anymore. The iPad still uses the old-school stuff. The so-amazing Retina display is nothing with 4×3 format. If you try to watch a 1080p HD video on your amazing

  • iPad you will be disappointed. There will be black bars on the sides of the video.

    Still, there’s is no microSD card slot

    Imagine your tab running out of internal storage and you realize that there’s no removable storage – How will you react? I will just smash my head against the tab. It’s not only a flaw of the iPad but of all the apple products. This is the main reason why I didn’t choose an iPad.

    You still need to use iTunes for simple tasks

    You want to copy a file to your iPad? Then you need iTunes for that. If I had an Android tablet – I would just connect it to my PC and copy it to my tab. But for iPad you first need to install iTunes. Complicated, eh?

    It can’t be used as a standalone computer

    iPad is still not capable of doing the real work. I still prefer computers and laptops for completing my projects, designing websites, video editing, etc.

    Developer issues

    Are you a developer? You know the developer limitations? If not, let me tell you

    Apple won’t allow you to write or run programs that execute programs.

    We can only run the software that is approved by Apple.

    It’s overpriced

    You want to buy a device with a good number of disadvantages? Nah, I am totally against in buying the iPad. iPad(s) should be priced cheaper – Frankly, it is not that great for what it offers at that price. $500 for a flawed tab? Never! I would rather buy a laptop.

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