5 Most Common Mistakes in Security Camera System Design

5 Most Common Mistakes in Security Camera System Design
5 Most Common Mistakes in Security Camera System Design

Securing your house or store with a proper surveillance system is almost imperative nowadays because of the rampant rise of crime. Thankfully though, the current technology allows us to defend our homes with a security camera that’s reasonably priced. However, there are some flaws that can come upon the purchase, installation or use of these systems. That is why we compiled the 5 most common mistakes in security camera system design so that you can successfully catch trespassers or criminal elements on tape.

Common Mistake #1

The first common mistake you can do with security camera systems is purchasing a cheap CCTV. This is a sure-fire way to be disappointed and allowing the aforementioned criminal elements to successfully pull of their crime. While there are many bundled security camera systems out there, you can go for a more reliable way of getting a CCTV through reputable companies. Usually, CCTV companies have a great support, warranty and return policy. Having one set up may be expensive, but it’s an investment to keep your property away from harm.

Common Mistake #2

Most users of CCTV cameras use “pan, tilt and zoom” features in order to capture footage in a huge area. While you may be safe, you are only “somewhat safe” as violators can study the pattern of the camera and move to a position where it is currently not focused on. So, if you have a huge area, try purchasing stationary cameras that will cover most of it. Good thing, then, that these stationary, non-moving cameras cost cheaper than those that can pan, tilt and zoom.

Common Mistake #3

Most users nowadays use remote viewing to secure their property wherever they are. That is why there is an option to connect your DVR to a network and then make the footage available online. A problem arises here especially if you have slow internet connection. To overcome this shortage, make sure that you at least have 1Mbps upload speed on your connection. Contact your internet service provider (ISP) to learn more.

Common Mistake #4

Most customers and clients looking for a great security camera system design might be attracted by the concept of an analog, wireless camera system. Analog is way outdated and is very susceptible to radio and other wireless device interference, making it also weak against tech-adept perpetrators. Videos can be distorted, unsteady or full of image noise. At times, it could just resort to that good ole’ white noise. So, instead of using an analog wireless system, use a hard wired analog one instead. Better yet, if you can afford it, a digital security camera system design would be great.

Common Mistake #5

If you have a huge area to maintain security in, then you might want to check on the limitations of your DVR, especially the software. A problem naturally rises with most DVRs which support only a few cameras and remote viewers. If you need it, purchase a DVR that can setup multiple cameras. For simultaneous remote viewing, try addressing the issue by also double-checking the bandwidth. Again this could be easily remedied by calling your ISP and getting support from there.

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