Dji phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone review

Dji phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone review
Dji phantom 4 Quadcopter Drone review

DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter and phantom 4 pro DRONE are awesome drone which comes with tons of advanced and new features and less draw backs .so it con be considered for buying by experts to get good flying experience and high quality photography as it comes with 4k video capturing capabilities and much more functions for you to play with.


Dji has a history of making really nice ,feature rich and powerful drones in the past like phantom 3,phantom 2 etc ,but now they have come up with something more powerful and packed with more high quality features called phantom 4 drone which will mesmerize its user and leave its flyer spell bound by the technology it is packed with .

Flying phantom 4 is so easy that even a novice could get started with his flying hobby on phantom 4 and become a pro in no time .

Phantom 4 will give its user so many options to fly it and make awesome quality videos with its camera that comes with 4k video capture capabilities and much more .

So come on without a do lets take look at Dji phantom 4 awesome features , specs ,pro and cons to know if its the right drone you are looking for or not which fits your budget ?



Weight (including battery and propellers)

1380 g

Max Ascent Speed

6 m/s (Sport mode)

Max Descent Speed

4 m/s (Sport mode)

Max Speed

20 m/s (Sport mode)

Max Service Ceiling Above Sea Level

19685 feet (6000 m)

Max Flight Time

Approx. 28 minutes

Operating Temperature

32° to 104° F (0° to 40° C)

GPS Mode


Hover Accuracy

Vertical: +/

  • 0.1 m (when Vision Positioning is active) or +/-0.5 m Horizontal: +/0.3 m (when Vision Positioning is active) or +/-1.5 m

    Diagonal Size (Excluding Propellers)

    350 mm



    1/2.3” Effective pixels:12 M


    FOV 94° 20 mm (35 mm format equivalent) f/2.8, focus at ∞

    ISO Range

    100-3200 (video)

    100-1600 (photo)

    Shutter Speed

    8s -1/8000s

    Image Max Size


    Still Photography Modes

    Single shot Burst shooting: 3 / 5 / 7 frames Auto Exposure Bracketing ( AEB ): 3 / 5 bracketed frames at 0.7 EV Bias Time-lapse HDR

    Video Recording Modes

    UHD: 4096×2160 (4K) 24 / 25p 3840×2160 (4K) 24 / 25 / 30p 2704×1520 (2.7K) 24 / 25 / 30p FHD: 1920×1080 24 / 25 / 30 / 48 / 50 / 60 / 120p HD: 1280×720 24 / 25 / 30 / 48 / 50 / 60p

    Max Video Bitrate

    60 Mbps

    Supported File Formats

    FAT32 ( ≤ 32 GB ); exFAT ( > 32 GB )


    JPEG, DNG ( RAW )


    MP4, MOV (MPEG-4 AVC/H.264)

    Supported SD Card Types

    Micro SD Max capacity: 64 GB. Class 10 or UHS-1 rating required

    Operating Temperature

    32° to 104° F ( 0° to 40° C )



    17.4 V

    Rated Power

    100 W


    Mobile App

    DJI GO



    5350 mAh


    15.2 V

    Battery Type

    LiPo 4S


    81.3 Wh

    Net Weight

    462 g

    Operating Temperature

    14° to 104° F ( -10° to 40° C )

    Max Charging Power

    100 W


    Dji phantom 4 drone is a power packed drone with lots of new features which was not their in phantom 3 drone to play with ,weather you are using it as a flying toy or a surveillance tool ,it will not disappoint you at all with all its great features .so come on lets take a look at some of its nice features discussed below

    Auto takeoff and auto return home features of phantom 4 with GPS technology, makes controlling  and maneuvering easy. The Dji Go App enables monitoring/camera operation to handle the drone gps functions with ease,this amazing features helps to keep track of your object from far away once to have set the drone to follow it 

    Phantom 4 drone can Capture an amazing 4K ultra HD video at 30 fps also it support following resolutions which include: 12.0MP (4000 x 3000) photos. The f/2.8 lens of the cameras on this drone with a broad field of view delivers crisp, clear and beyond expectations images.

    Gimbal stabilization technology of this drone helps you keep your drone stable and focus on the image , along with a hover function allows you to capture smooth, clean footage while the camera is in the air 

    Use DJI director software with a built-in video editor to add music, text, and more to your videos to make them more interesting and according to your requirement .


    Dji phantom 4 has good built quality to last longer than your usual drones.

    it comes a clean ,aesthetic and appealing design which would attract any professional to buy this drone which is light weight and packs lots of nice features including awesome quality camera and much more .

    phantom 4 BUILT-IN  dual compass module and dual Inertial Measurement Unit (IMUs) greatly increases reliability of this drone while in flight for transmision and acuracy measures for onbstacle indentigication etc .

    Its ADVANCED AERODYNAMICS AND STABILITY Sleek, streamlined aerodynamics help the Phantom 4 slip more smoothly through the air in most of the arena without problem but when nature comes to its play with light heavy rainfall,lighting and fast air currents then dji cant hold it self in the air for long .


    The overall performance of phantom 4 drone is good as it comes with many new features like intelligent fly for Seemless tracking and taking nice shoots automatically while its in air .

    Its battery life could have been better ,as they company claims it has 28 minutes battery life but in real life scenarios we found it to come out at 22-26 minutes approx and it decreases as we go high altitude and fly it fast as environment also plays a vital role in battery consumption like if you fly in windy day it will dry out soon ,so it is advised to buy the bundle which comes 3 extra batteries  if you are planning to buy this drone .

    Its gimble works very smoothly as it comes equipped with new Gimbal stabilization technology to help you get clear and crisp shots without any movements while taking videos and images .

    To know more about Dji Phantom you can visit dji official website Here 


    Dji Phantom 4 drone comes at a price of $1300+ approx from various stores .Although the price of this drone keeps on changing with the time ,so you to get the latest you can check out your local store or any e-store like amazon to get it with discount and other additional goodies and accessories like extra battery ,sd card etc to keep it going when you need it without brakes for charging etc .

  • Pro’s

    Here Comes the list of Some Advantages of Dji Phantom 4 to consider Before Buying This Drone

  • user friendly and more stable control system

    nice flight time of 25+ minutes approx

    more vigilant than before obstacle sense  system will prevent from accidents

    good built quality

  • Con’s

    Here Comes the list of Some drawbacks of Dji Phantom 4  to consider Before Buying This Drone

  • at this price point ,a bit expensive for many people .

    camera could have been more powerful .

    Phantom 4 pro drone

    Recently dji has updated the phantom 4 drone and come up with phantom 4 pro quadcopter with some more advanced features and functions like bigger camera sensor to capture 20 mp photos along with 20 frames per sec videos with its 1 inch CMOS.

    Flight time has also been increased by 3 -4 minutes from the previous version and come up to 30 minutes , thanks to its battery .

    Not to forget that controller is also upgraded with a 5.5 inch screen to make your flying journey incredible i.e you won’t need to use your smartphones anymore to fly your drone .but the sad part of this that the new controller won’t be compatible with older dji drones ,not even phantom

    Besides all this phantom 4 pro has a new pair of stereoscopic sensors on the backside of the drone frame and infrared sensor on one of the flanks to make it more volatile for sensing objects and avoiding accidents . The IR sensors have 7m range which seems to be shorter than the 30 m range of rear and front stereos but it will make sure that your drone wont get crashed by objects like fences and trees in its sides while flying in low and congested areas or dense forests .

    so you can choose to buy new phantom 4 pro from dji if you have some extra bucks to spare for these incredible features until something better comes in market .


    Getting a nice drone when the market is flooded with options is not an easy task and with Dji phantom 4 their is no exception ,although the fact cannot be neglected that Dji holds a good history for making awesome drones but also nothing is perfect and so is phantom 4 ,as it some with some drawbacks which could potentially stop you from buying this like price etc .

    But at this point of time if you have the budget then you can definitely zero in on your choice on phantom 4 and you will not regret your decisions until a new drone of its competition comes to market at cheap price point and better features.

    so go ahead and buy this drone now if it suits your budget by clicking the button given below to get it a decent discounted price which could help you to save some $$ for party with your Friends and family after buying this awesome quality drone.

    Update: 13 April 2017

    Phantom 4 advanced has also arrived in the market with some major updates in a camera like now unlike previously its being equipped with 1 inch 20 mp CMOS sensor which can take images and videos at 14 frames per second and videos can be shot in 4k at 60 frames per second.

    Now the flight Autonomy system comes with 5 vision sensors and the 4k camera helps in obstacle avoidance and tracking the objects actively.

    NOw with the powerful and much more advanced hardware and software you can take your drone flying hobby to next level to take some incredible images like never before with phantom 4 advanced .

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