Top 6 best drones for gopro camera 2022

Top 6 best drones for gopro camera 2022
Top 6 best drones for gopro camera 2022


Best drones for gopro 2022 to make drone photography and videography stand out with top gopro drones in your hands in 2022

Gopro is the next gen action camera liked by thousands of people across the world making it a great companion for your mini drones and quadcopters in 2022 to capture all the mesmerizing shots while you are performing some stunts or simply capturing the beautiful nature from the far ends of amazon rain forest or Antarctica with these drones and quadcopter for gopro with fpv on sale .

Here we have come up with some of the best drones for gopro camera which are fully compatible with gopro cameras to take in air photography experience to next level

So come on guys without a do lets hop on the list of best drones for gopro on sale right below .

Drones for gopro camera 2022

  • DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter V2.0 Bundle with 3-Axis Zenmuse H3-3D Gimbal for GoPro

    Its a high end drone which gets synchronized with gopro Hero camera’s perfectly for all your cool adventurous shots while on the move any where in the world .

    The reason why i recommend you to buy a phantom 2 drone with gopro camera to cover your in sky photo shots is because its easy to fly and control and not to forget that its stable in flight and does not gives you ant trouble to get it back home because it comes with GPS integrated return to home function without any crashes .

    It comes with lots of Amazing features to look out at from which some are mentioned below

    it comes with best quality zenmuse H3 3D 3 axis gimbal for making high-quality videos at height with full stability with your awesome gopro camera

    it comes with rc and remote transmitter for easy flying ,besides having various flight modes like attitude and gps flight mode

    it comes with around 25 minutes of flying time with its 5200 mah lipo battery ,flight time depends on various factors like speed of flying ,height of flying etc ,it also depicts the charge left on drone battery

    it comes with fully compatible gopro and action camera gimbal but you need to install it and attach your gopro camera to fly easily

  • Also you must know that this Phantom 2 V 2.0 comes with H3-3D Gimbal and includes upgraded motors, propellers, and a new remote control transmitter that has a rechargeable battery built in for easy flying and enjoying your flying time .

    As you know that this gopro phantom 2 drone does not comes with FPV function (first person view) ,you need to buy a   DJI Phantom FPV Kit for GoPro Hero   (7″ LCD, 5.8 Ghz, 500ft Range)  separately to take images and videos with fpv and go pro camera on this drone . According to company officials using drones wifi for fpv will interfere with drone connectivity signals so it is not recommend to use it and instead go for this additional kit or some thing similar which is a bit costly if you want fpv .

  • 3DR Solo Drone Quadcopter

    This is a amazing drone from the list of drones for gopro camera to capture your pics but it doesn’t comes with gopro camera and its gimble to mount the camera to play with it so you will have to buy the gopro gimble separately if you are buying this for your gopro .

    It is powered by 2 -1 GHZ processors and comes with many cool photography feature and not to forget that this drone is made keeping gopro camera in mind so you can stream HD videos in real time to your android/ios devices over wifi to get fpv from this drone .

    It comes with lots of Amazing features to look out at from which some are mentioned below

    its rc is awesome with lot on controls to perform all kind of action such as taking pics ,moving forward ,backward ,instantly pausing the drone in sky and many more functions just with a push of single button on your rc controller of 3dr solo drone

    not to forget that solo drone comes with HQ HDMI port on the controller of the drone to connect and watch videos on screen easily and instantly

    On this drone you would probably get around 20-25 min of in-flight time with single charge

    It comes with many unique functions such as ORBIT which locks the camera position to help you take wraparound shots while in circular motion easily and also it comes with selfie feature to capture your beautiful selfies effortlessly .

    It works as cable cam to shot some cool and professional looking aerial videos and pics from the gopro camera as you want by moving automatically over the course of virtual cable path in the sky .

  • GHOST Drone Aerial 2.0

    Ghost aerial 2.0 is a nice looking drone with comes with cool looks and great features like auto follow up,night mode which turns on led lights for evening flights .

    It works great with many action cameras available in market including gopro hero 3,3+ and 4 to capture all your favorite spots from sky which you cant reach .

    It comes with lots of Amazing features to look out at from which some are mentioned below

    you can fly this awesome drone upto 1000 m of distance on single charge with maximum flight time of 25 minutes approx

    its one of the nice and good drone to fly with your smartphone apps and G box(included) without any problems to distance upto 1000m

    it comes with lot of different modes for flying without any special training or problems like waypoint ,flight planning , avtar mode and companion mode to fly effortlessly

    to maintain the stability of propeller and make it weather resistance ,it comes with efficient self-tightening propeller of high quality

    it comes packed with stabilized3 axis gimbal fully compatible with gopro hero 3 ,hero 4 ,hero 5 and other action cameras for capturing some good quality pics and videos with full stability in sky because gimble is made with aircraft grade aluminum and mounted with precision on the drone body

    It comes with all the standard safety features like return home ,wind and rain resistance and propeller protector for a great and easy flight .

    Ehang Ghost Drones modified speed controllers along wih the good quality propellers and motors helps to fly this drone with full stability and balance in sky to get some good drone flying experience.

    it comes with waypoint feature along with precious flight control system to assist and fly easily with gesture based system in your desired area with any problems

    It is said to be released in 4 different version with support for VR Googles and camera in the package also .

  • Walkera QRX350 Pro with  5.8Ghz GoPro Transmitter and Devo F7 RTF

    Its a nice drone produced by Chinese company Guangzhou Walkera Technology who made sure that it comes with a gopro compatible mount, gimble and fpv transmitter for capturing best possible videos and images and watching them instantly with fpv mode while staying in flight for over 20 minutes on single charge .

    It comes with lots of Amazing features to look out at from which some are mentioned below

    this walkera drone uses 5.8 ghz fpv tech to increase clarity in wireless transmission of signals and videos live .

    its a nice and easy to use drone which comes with high quality components which makes it perfect for personal and professional use

    with this you can easily broadcast live videos to the radio controller easily

    it comes with flight control system ,2d gimbal,battey ,charger and transmitters for all action cameras including gopro

    The big plus point of this gopro compatible drone is that its a complete package ready to go in air with your gopro camera without any extra purchases of gimbel .

    I think its a competitor with phantom 2 drones as it gives all the features of a good drone like essential safety functions ,good flying time , gopro compatibility etc So you can consider this as an alternative to buying phantom drones if you are not comfortable with phantom drones or are getting started with drones and you want a good drone to start flying .

  • Ionic Stratus Drone Quadcopter for GoPro

    Its a great drone for people willing to play with drones and their action camera without burning a hole in your pocket because it cost much less then other go pro drones ,but don’t forget it comes with much range of upto 150 metes and fly time of 10 minutes on single charge which i don’t think would be a problem for beginners who are learning to fly drones .

    It comes with lots of Amazing features to look out at from which some are mentioned below

    Ionic Stratus Drone is fully compatible with GoPro camera and comes with lot of other good features also like 1 key return,6 axis gyro system for stability ,headless mode feature for effortless flying in any direction along with shock absorbing head to prevent from damage and capture some stunning pics from your gopro.

    its compatible with all GoPro camera models for you to attach ypur camera and start flying to capture some awesome pics with your flying camera drone .

    more over not to forget that you dont need to worry about its orientation while flying ,thanks to its headless mode features .

    it can also perform some cool stunts like 3d rolls in forward and backward direction at a press of a button easily

    if you want longer flying time without any delay in charging when you are in fun mood then you need to buy an extra bttery for it from here

  • The camera on this mounted via rubber mount which increases the in flight stability of camera for better videos but it still becomes a little shaky in windy conditions due to its light weight .but if you want a proper gimble to attach to it then the rubber mount can be removed also .

    Ionic quadcopter drone is compatible with all gopro action camera’s for inflight video shooting while you are in action .

    6.  BLADE 350 qx3 Quadcopter (RTF)

    Blade 350 is a nice drone which comes with gopro ready mount which makes it easy for photography and flying for 15 minutes with full charge upto 300 meters which is almost at par with dji drones .

    It comes with many flight modes like smart mode ,aerial photography mode etc for capturing images and videos easily while in the air . not to forget that these awesome flight modes are made for top and experienced drone pilots who are done with novice training and ready to show some real action the vast skies with awesome gopro drones and top quality aerobatic stunt flights .

    It comes with lots of Amazing features to look out at from which some are mentioned below

    it comes with SAFE technology for better inflight experience to fly safely ,besides that its gps antenna is also fitted on mast for better recption of signals 

    its a fully gopro compatible drone ready to fly after attaching your gopro camera easily

    you can get 15 minutes of fligh time approx on this

    you can contact the company for all support services and inquiries at this number 8009592305

    Its easy to fly and understand and i think you will like flying it with a gimble like   Blade BLH7910 GB200 Brushless Gimbal New  on it which you can buy separately to get some cool shots from your gopro while performing stunts and capturing amazing natures beauty .

    Bonus for our loyal readers

    Its a nice drone which comes with hd camera but its also comes with no camera model which is fully compatible with gopro ,so if you have a gopro camera and want to buy a good drone for capturing some great pics with your gopro then is could be your buddy .here we have listed the no camera version of this contixo drone which will also cost you less .

    Over all its fine product with some glitches like no one touch button for landing and take off etc so if you planning to use for light work without any much requirements or are a beginners who is willing to learn to drone flying or someone who need to take his gopro camera into use to capture some cool pics then its fine but if you are a high level pro drone flyer looking for many advanced features then this may not be something you want to buy .

    Some Features of this drone which you might want to know before buying are as follows 

    It comes with Advanced flight control system with 6 axis ,4 channel 2.4 GHZ control connectivity which allows you to fly upto 1000 ft with full control with any problem with its good quality gyro sensitivity controls .

    It comes with 1200mAh 7.4 V lipo battery which gives you somewhat 15 minutes of flying time which can be further extended if you buy extra battery from here  Extra Batteries for contixo F10 drone ,to keep the fun going for long without waiting for the batteries to charge again .

    It comes with Headless mode features to fly it securely in any direction .

    moreover with this drone you can perform some cool stunts like 360 degree barrel rolls ,stable mid air hovering with its 1 key hover feature to capture good quality pics and stable video .besides that you can fly it in 3 modes namely high ,medium ,slow depending on requirements in any direction

    i consider 1000 ft distance is less if you are flying on your vacations on hill top to capture some cool images with gopro camera in nearby valleys ,so if you dont want more than 1000 ft then you can buy this otherwise choose something else .

    moreover if you want to buy its GoPro compatibility kit then it can bought from here easily on amazon GoPro hero4/5 session mount kit for contixo f10 GoPro drone

    If you are looking for something good without any compromise on built quality ,speed,flying time then its for you .Traxxas aton drone is trusted by lot of customers who are satisfied by its performance even at high speed .overall its good performance drone which you will like for sure if you buy ,so go ahead and take a look at it is feature and design to find out if its what you have been looking for long time .

    Some of the cool features of Traxxas aton action camera compatible quadcopter are as follows

    Aton comes with lot of cool features like dual Mode gps , air brakes, Easy return home and many more which makes it loved by pro drone flyers and novice too .

    Its frame is also very strong and stable which makes it fly easily even at high speed without any problem ,you can also take part in drone racing with it as well because it comes with high quality LED lighting of different color which is fully customizable for different combinations and red Status light besides that its capable to fly at high speed which makes it a perfectly eligible to fly in drone race competition .

    Its stable and durable in flight which makes its fly easily even at 50+ mph in speed mode and not to forget that it comes with a fast 3-amp LiPo balance charger for fast charging without any delay in response time while in air .

    Traxxas aton comes with 3000 mAh lipo battery in normal model and 5000 mAh in plus model , so if you want extra battery fly more without interruption then you can buy extra battery with normal Traxxas aton model (Aton #7908)  or aton  plus drone model (Traxxas Aton Plus #7909) for extended flight time . Also atone plus model comes with camera mount and 2 axis gimble.

    The one thing i dont like is that its not waterproof drone ,so you cant take part in drone racing in rain any fly in rainy season with this aton quadcopter .also its advised that you should have enough battery to return home when flying over water to avoid drone loss in water .

    you need to buy action camera separately as it doesn’t come with this drone ,so you can check out some cool action camera like gopro hero and many more to buy at discounted price :  best action drone camera with discount

    Now is the time to play with your gopro on these amazing drones for gopro ,so head out guys and girls to buy one of these awesome drones for yourselves to fly your dreams high in the sky and enjoy every bit of it only with best drones for gopro camera  on sale given above to get a cherishable experience every time you fly one of these gopro quadcopter drones  in 2022.

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