Biggest design fails by Apple in 2021

Biggest design fails by Apple in 2021
Biggest design fails by Apple in 2021

Apple Inc. The company that made the revolutionary iMac, iPod, iPhone and the best selling tablet iPad has been screwing up a little bit, lately. Apple products are beautifully designed, and in their normal function they do look perfect… except… these products. In 2015, Apple released a few products that are ridiculously designed. While some of these absolutely stand out, and there are some that still manage to cover up. Anyways, here is the list of ultimate fails!

  •  iPad Pro Smart Keyboard The iPad Pro’s first-party keyboard accessory, in addition to its terribly shallow keys and ridiculous prize adds a hump to the iPad Pro when folded. Yeah, that is terrible:  

    Now, I do not know why Apple did this, but I do understand that there are hundreds of better options for iPad keyboards in the market. They might be thicker, but almost none of them create a bump like this. The iPad Pro Smart Keyboard case isn’t all worth the money, so if you do own an iPad Pro, look for alternatives.  MacBook USB-C

    The USB-C is definitely a very powerful port, as long as you have enough of them. With one single port, that too a USB-C, the MacBook seriously has big limitations. You practically cannot plug in a regular USB Drive and change your computer at the same time, and you definitely can’t live without a converter. As thin as the MacBook is, the single USB-C port makes for a terrible experience to do anything beyond wireless networking. Magic Mouse

    Honestly, Apple didn’t care to think. YOU SIMPLY DON’T DO THAT TO A MOUSE!! Who plugs in a mouse up-side-down? Like, why isn’t the port on the edge of the Magic Mouse? The positioning of the lightning port means you cannot use your mouse when it charges. It was a simple, careless mistake.  Apple Pencil Sure, the Pencil is one of the best stylus options out there, but Apple made a bunch of mistakes with its design. First up, the Pencil lacks an eraser, which is acceptable but puts the Pencil to shame in front of the Microsoft Surface Pen. And then the charging:

    I wonder why Apple made the male lighting port right into the back of the Pencil. When charging, the Pencil looks absolutely terrible

  • who wants a cylindrical piece of plastic with a pointed end jutting out of a huge 19» iPad? Not only is it hilarious, but is also very impractical. You are so much more likely to break the pencil as you charge it.  The iPhone Battery Case Although I am fond of the iPhone’s slim design, I would have minded a thicker body for a larger battery. Apple clearly made this case to correct a mistake they did with the iPhone 6 and 6S. But it ended up to be a mistake in itself, thanks to its absolutely hideous design.  

    The «hump» in the back carries the extra battery. Why couldn’t have Apple made a case that was uniformly thick, like other third-party battery cases for the iPhone? If I owned one of these, I’m sure I’d be ashamed to wear it on my iPhone. Bad Apple. And that’s it! Although the idea of this post has been mine, I’m linking a video by Jonathan Morrison (aka. TLD Today) that talks about the same topic. I did watch the video and took inspiration from it, so I must give the credits. Also, almost all the pictures above are from the video. If you do watch the video, definitely check out the comments for some more laughter.

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