UMi Touch & Galaxy S7 Compared!

UMi Touch & Galaxy S7 Compared!

UMi has uploaded a video explaining why you should buy the UMi Touch, and has touted it as one of their great phones, however, how does it compare to the recently released Galaxy S7? We know that’s a bit of an unfair comparison, but we will take into account the price disparity between these two phones, so let’s begin!


Both the UMi Touch and the Galaxy S7 both run Android

  • 0 Marshmallow out of the box, and while we have yet to see UMI’s implementation of it, it’s not hard to compete with Touchwiz. In addition, the UMi Touch will also come in a Windows 10 version! While we don’t know how Windows 10 will run on this particular phone, just the fact that it runs Windows 10 and is not Touchwiz makes the UMi Touch the tentative winner of the software section, it’s up to UMi to release a great implementation of Android 0 and Windows 10!

    Winner: UMi Touch

    Build Quality & Design

    The UMi Touch has a metal unibody and looks great. However, so does the Galaxy S7, and in fact, the industrial design of the Galaxy S7 makes it look much more sleek and futuristic. However, one thing to note is that the back of the Galaxy S7 is a smudge prone phone and will attract and show fingerprints readily. However, even with this caveat we declare the Galaxy S7 the winner here.

    Winner: Galaxy S7


    The Galaxy S7 is up against some extremely stiff competition here. While the S7 only has a 3000mAh battery, it has some great battery life. However, the UMi Touch features a 4000mAh battery. Even if you take into account Samsung’s superior (and bigger) software division, there’s a limit to how much you can optimize for battery efficiency. The UMi Touch is the clear winner here.

    Winner: UMi Touch


    It’s now UMi’s turn to face the heat. UMi won the battery section hands down, but the Galaxy S7 has one of the best smartphone cameras of all smartphones, even with the older IMX260 sensor. Why? The other components they use are top notch. In addition, it has phase detection autofocus and OIS, a must have in flagships nowadays. There is little doubt that even with the UMi’s IMX328 sensor it will have a difficult time matching up to the Galaxy S

    Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7

    Fingerprint Sensor

    Both the UMi Touch and Galaxy S7 feature front facing fingerprint sensors. While I prefer fingerprint sensors on the back, I’ve used ones on the front and it’s not too bad either, but not my favourite. The S7 features one of the best (if not the best) sensors in class, the fastest and most reliable. If other major manufacturers like LG and Apple cannot replicate the speed and accuracy of the S7’s sensor, it will be difficult for anybody to match up here. We declare the S7 the clear winner here.

    Winner: Samsung Galaxy S7


    There really is no competition here, the Galaxy S7 costs upwards of $800 while the UMi Touch starts at $15The UMi Touch wins by a metric mile, if there even is such a thing.

    Winner:  UMi Touch


    We see here the UMi Touch and Galaxy S7 tied in terms of number of wins, with the Galaxy S7 coming out on top in the camera, build quality and fingerprint sensor, while the UMi handily beats the S7 in the battery, software and price. However, there is one huge caveat in this competition. Even though the Umi Touch won in the price section, the difference in that section was just too great. The Galaxy S7 starts at $800USD while the UMi Touch starts at just $150USD.  The Galaxy S7 obviously has a lot more to offer than just what we mentioned above, but the price difference is also $650USD. Think about what you could do with that money. We here at MTA are not going to tell you what phone to buy, but instead we encourage you to do your own research to see what phone fits best for you.

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