The Best Setup for MOBA Gaming

The Best Setup for MOBA Gaming
The Best Setup for MOBA Gaming


It’s important to find the kit that works for you, but that’s never truer than when picking a gaming mouse. Some options are important, some are nice to have and some are just for show, but everyone will have their own priorities. Lots of people use their mouse, keyboard, headset etc for lots of games and different things outside of gaming. So in the reasoning and advice given here, we tell you what is important to keep in mind if you want to get the gaming peripherals that are going to help you dominate in MOBA style games like League, DOTA 2, HoN or HotS. However the gear suggested will always still be suitably comfortable and efficient for typing, browsing the web or playing other genres of games.

The most important part – the mouse!

With most MOBA’s a lot of the specifics regarding mouse settings rely on what you have Windows and in-game settings set to. However none of those matter much without a mouse that’s set to the right DPI. With most moba’s you only want to be at around 1000-2500DPI, as any higher and it starts becoming harder to be accurate with. That DPI setting gives you the right amount of speed, without just making it more difficult to control accurately. Each game will have different normals, but each genre can usually be grouped to some degree. In MOBA’s it can be useful to have some extra keys on a mouse, if you’re the type of person who makes use of them. It’s also important to be aware of what type of grip you prefer to use. It’s not unusual to be completely unaware of your mouse grip, or even that there are different ways to grip a mouse, but there are slight variations, and you might find that slight difference between the how comfortable you find difference mice down to your grip, and that mouses suitability for your grip.

Picking the perfect keyboard

Although not as important as a good mouse, the right keyboard is an important part of playing well in MOBAs. A key thing to keep in mind when selecting the perfect keyboard for use in a MOBA is comfort and ease of use. You’re not going to use the majority of keys, but you need reliability, long lasting quality keys and quick response times from your keyboard. A good Cherry MX key to go for is red or brown. Both have low actuation forces, meaning that they can be pressed quickly and repeatedly without the need for too much force. Red switches are very quick whereas brown switches provide a bit of a better mix for gaming and typing.

Are headsets important?

The headset is probably going to make the least amount of difference here. All the headset suggested across our  Best Setup for… series are good, as it’s hard to really match a headset to a game. But there are things that we’ve taken into consideration to make things easier and more reasonable. Firstly, when possible, where we feel that it is important to run some driver software to customise important features of keyboards and mice, a headset of the same brand / that runs on the same software is prioritised, as it just makes things easier.

SteelSeries Sensei

The Sensei hits up to  5700 adjustable DPI , which is plenty for most MOBA’s, as hitting over about 2000DPI will begin to hinder accuracy and make aiming the mouse a bit more difficult than it needs to be. There are a total of eight fully programmable buttons in the middle and on the sides of the device, which is symmetrical so suitable for use in either hand. Four buttons can be useful to macro to specific abilities, but this mouse is good as it doesn’t barrage you with extra clicks all over the place. This is definitely a better choice for someone who wants fewer macro buttons on their mouse, favouring a cleaner, sleeker mouse that matches all the tech specs of a pro-gaming device.

Typically the Sensei is  slightly  more orientated towards a claw / claw-palm grip . It’s of-course a wired mouse which is essential for the lightning fast reactions needed in games like League of Legends, DOTA2, Heroes of the Storm and Smite.

Logitech G502 Proteus Core

Logitech are well known by now for their high end gaming mice, and a lot of reviews / Q&A’s will suggest this particular model. The G502’s DPI ranges from 200 – 12000 , which easily covers every possible level you’ll want to play any MOBA and any game. The onboard 32bit RAM processor makes controlling the 11 programmable buttons quick and easy. This is definitely a better mouse for someone who wants to really take full advantage of being able to use macro buttons to easily use items and abilities and gain a competitive edge.

The mouse typically is very slightly more suited to a  palm grip  and is still suitable for normal use outside of gaming. It’s a corded mouse and the software used to run all of its features will be the same used for any other Logitech peripherals.

Corsair K70 Vengeance

The K70 is a  fully mechanical  keyboard that can use Cherry MX red or brown switches, ideal for MOBAs giving a good amount of quick responsiveness. The CGK70 is a normal keyboard layout, with arrow keys and a numpad. Some keyboards are smaller and will remove the arrow keys or numpad, but this renders the keyboard largely useless in a lot of out of game situations. The K70 has full 104 key rollover anti-ghosting.

There are a few extra media buttons in the top right area of the keyboard, giving easy access to media from in-game. It also comes with a detachable rubberised wrist rest to help out those who prefer to have a bit of support under their arms when playing. The K70 is in the line of Corsair keyboards that have a huge variety of lighting customisation options.

Corsair CGK95

The GCK95 is a fully mechanical  that uses Cherry MX red or brown switches like its baby brother, the K70. The CGK95 has a normal keyboard layout, with an additional 18  G-Keys which are capable of storing up to 108 macros in various combinations. If you’re going to attempt to make use of macro keys for extra abilities in MOBA’s, then the relatively small increase in price from the K70 is probably worth it. The CGK95 has full 122 key rollover anti-ghosting. There aren’t many other keyboards that have 18 extra buttons making this the ultimate macro button gaming keyboard.

There are a few extra media buttons in the top right area of the keyboard for controlling media and music from in-game, and it also comes with a detachable rubberised wrist rest. The CGK95 is another in the line of Corsair keyboards that have a huge variety of lighting customisation options.

Corsair CA-90111

The Logitech G430 is a full 7.1 Dolby surround headset with a digital USB connection. The headset is fairly light and slim compared to others and aims to give comfort by sitting gently instead of wrapping around the head more snugly some some headsets will do and the ear cups are very soft, with “breathable” air holes throughout, meaning that it’s great to use for extended periods of time. The microphone bar is very solid and durable and flips from a vertical, “tucked away” position, down to sit in front of the mouth. The ear cups rotate 90 degrees to sit flat, meaning they can be worn casually around the neck and still be easily heard.

There are no volume or mute controls on the headset, as the G430 instead has a control box on the cable itself. This small box has a simple scroll wheel to alter the volume and a switch to mute or un-mute the microphone. The box isn’t huge, weighty or obstructive, but is a lightweight control panel that can hang on as a part of the cable without getting in the way or being noticeably heavy.

SteelSeries Sibera V3

The Logitech G230 is is the smaller, budget version of the G430. The headset is fairly similar to the G430 aesthetically and again focusses on being light and slim, so that it’s easy to use for extended periods. The ear cups are very soft, with the same “breathable” air holes. The microphone is on the same solid and durable bar and flips from a vertical tucked away position, down to sit in front of the mouth. The cord is long and coated in a durable blue fabric that doesn’t tangle easily. The headphones can be rotated around 90 degrees and sit flat.

The G230 has a standard, small volume control box that sits on the cable.

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