Samsung Gear Fit Review

Samsung Gear Fit Review
Samsung Gear Fit Review

This device is a great choice if fitness tracking is your primary interest. It alerts you to texts and emails and keeps an eye on how much exercise you do.

Samsung Gear Fit Review

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This device is a great choice if fitness tracking is your primary interest. It alerts you to texts and emails and keeps an eye on how much exercise you do.

Smartwatch at a glance…

If you’re looking for a fitness tracker which also alerts you if you receive a text, email or call, the Samsung Gear Fit is an excellent choice. It is quite affordable at a mid-range price tag, you will definitely get a lot of bang for your buck.

Sleek and stylish, this smartwatch will track your steps and has a heart rate monitor. Pair it with your Samsung smartphone for access to plenty of apps to personalize your experience.

Fitness purists may find the device a bit ‘light’ on features. It is not possible to change data manually or add calorie intake for example. But overall this watch is a good combination of alert notifier and fitness device, all wrapped up in a pretty little package.

Features & Benefits…

The Samsung Gear Fit is a fitness tracker first and foremost and its design reflects this well. It is waterproof and dust resistant and has the most beautiful light, durable, curved Super AMOLED display. It is possible to change the band to fit various wrist sizes.

The fitness features include a heart rate sensor, pedometer, sleep monitor and real time coach and when paired with a smartphone, allows access to a wide rage of apps which allow the wearer to personalize their experience.

It is compatible with a number of Samsung smartphones and plenty of apps are available to enhance your personal experience with the watch. Its possible to reject calls with messages, quick reply to messages and control alarms. The smartwatch will also give instant notifications of emails, SMS and incoming calls.

Is this the Best Smartwatch for you?

Happily, there are few drawbacks to report, however the two we have found are important ones.

The main issue is that the pedometer seems to be sketchy in terms of how accurate it is. If you plan to purchase this watch and use the pedometer regularly, this fact may well be a barrier. It appears the pedometer can miscalculate up to 250 steps in every 1000 which is a substantial difference.

For a smartwatch which is intended to be used in high impact situations, the finish can be easily scratched. It isn’t very robust, and we’ve seen some reports of the finish flaking from the outer edge of the device. You can check out other health and fitness focused smartwatch like the Nike+ Sportwatch if this is the type of smartwatch you are looking for.

The What Best Smartwatch Round Up…

The Samsung Gear Fit may well be the perfect device for you if tracking your fitness is your main concern. The sleek and stylish design means it passes muster in the design stakes without looking like a bulky smartwatch. It manages to give a good balance between fitness tracker and a device which alerts you to notifications. This means you can happily keep your smartphone stashed safely while you get on with your busy life.

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