Photive HYDRA Review

Photive HYDRA Review
Photive HYDRA Review

The Photive HYDRA is a small speaker that provides a lot of bang for your buck. This speaker is water poof and dust proof. It is wireless, with modern Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. The tough rubberized exterior is perfect for travel. This is a speaker built for the user on the go. In this Photive HYDRA review you can read all about this though little speaker.
The Photive HYDRA is a compact wireless speaker with all of the features for the music lover on the go. This speaker is easy to travel with. It is the same size as an energy drink can, fitting nicely into a purse or book bag. The speaker is heavy duty, featuring a shock proof rubber exterior case and a tough aluminum speaker grill. The HYDRA has earned an IP 66 rating. This means that it is completely dust proof and completely water proof. With a speaker like this, music is free to roam from the living room, to the shower, to the poolside, the beach, the mountains and anywhere else life takes you.

The battery is decent. It is a serviceable 2600 mAh. One charge will last as average of eight hours play time at a middle volume. The Bluetooth 4.0 will supposedly connect from a radius of 33 feet from the speaker. In practice the range is not that impressive. It is still very serviceable. Most users report a range of ten to fifteen feet.The HYDRA will count to any number of smart devices. Users can link a phone, smart-TV, tablet or hand held gaming devices. It will connect with a single device at a time. Users can only link one speaker to one device at once.
Big Sound at a Reasonable Cost
The budget friendly Photive HYDRA has a passive sub-woofer and two 40 mm drivers, providing impressive sound. These small speakers have a total output of seven watts of pure sound. They have a frequency response between 90 hertz and 20 hertz. The sensitive is a rich 80dB+/

  • 2dB and S/N 60 dB. This is more than enough to fill up an area with sound. At higher volumes, when lesser speakers begin to crackle, the HYDRA shines. The extra air allows the woofer to pound out a richer and more vibrant sound.
  • Price Disclaimer
    Pros to the Photive HYDRA
    Rich and Full Sound.
    Tough shock proof shell.
    Water proof for use near water.
    Dust proof for safe travel.
    Cons to the Photive HYDRA
    No hook or loop attachment to hang speaker.
    Battery life is typical, worse at higher volume.
    Only uses a USB cable to charge.
    Blue tooth range is shorter than most higher end speakers.
    A Good Buy for Hard Play
    The Photive HYDRA offers a great value for the cost. The sound is impressive, more than adequate for entertain a small party or at a family gathering. It is extremely portable. It is shock proof, water proof and dust proof. This means that this inexpensive small speaker is perfect for a camping trip or beach-side use.
    The drawbacks are fairly minor. It could use a loop attachment for hanging. When played at a lower volume the passive sub-woofer does not offer the same impressive performance that it does at higher volumes. Some may find the lack of a dedicated power cord to be a problem. Most users will prefer the USB style power cord.
    In conclusion, the Photive HYDRA is a great buy for someone looking for value without sacrificing sound quality. It is a well balanced device, more than capable of delivering on its promise.

    The Photive Hydra is the waterproof family member of the Photive Cyren and Photive Soundscape

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