Photive Cyren Review

Photive Cyren Review
Photive Cyren Review

Bluetooth is often the go to option for any individual who is looking for easy and cheap wireless speakers. It is also ideal for households because they work perfectly with all kinds of smartphones and the majority of Android tablets as well. One of the best-selling Bluetooth speakers on the market today is the Photive Cyren. In this Photive Cyren review I will discuss the design, performance and the general pro’s and con’s that I have experienced.

The speaker comes in red, purple, orange, blue and black and weighs 11 1/2 ounces. Aside from that, it features a couple of six-watt, 40 mm drivers along with a large speaker cavity for excellent sound properties. These two features allow this speaker to fill any room with rich audio.
At the same time, the Photive Cyren measures approximately 6 x 2 x 1.6 inches. It also has a compact frame that makes this speaker highly versatile and portable. On the back of the speaker, people will find the off and on switch along with the Micro USB charging port and auxiliary input jack.
Users can find the control buttons conveniently placed on the top of the speaker. Unlike other Bluetooth stereo devices, people have the option to check their battery status directly on their iPhone through its Bluetooth feature.
When the speaker’s battery is low, the Photive Cyren will set off an audible warning signal that helps users know that they should recharge it immediately. The speaker is also designed to have a transmission range of 33 feet.

The sound output is very rich with high clarity and great bass and high tones. With the right equalizer settings, people can experience high-quality music sounds that are both loud and pure.
The Photive Cyren will also pair instantly with any Bluetooth devices such as tablets, computers and smartphones. This allows users to send their favorite songs wireless to the speaker. Users can also easily adjust the volume and change tracks with control buttons found on the speaker or through their Bluetooth device.
Price Disclaimer
Aside from that, its performance as a speaker phone is also noteworthy. A person who is on the other end of the conversation is unaware that they are on the speaker. Its built-in rechargeable battery also has a good life span. It ultimately gives users about ten hours of playback. Aside from that, it charges very quickly.
One of the main attractions of the Photive Cyren is that it is easy to pair with other Bluetooth devices without a pin or code.
At the same time, it includes a carrying case that helps people keep their speaker clean while they are carrying it.
The price. Given it’s performance the price you pay for this product is very good.
Colors. You can choose from a wide range of different colors.
Although the Photive Cyren has lots of features that amaze users, there are a number of areas that Photive could improve on.
One of these is the quality of the bass. It is a great speaker for it’s price but it’s more expensive counterparts will offer deeper bass.
In general connecting to your smartphone goes smooth. However, as with a lot of the cheaper wireless speakers, the Bluetooth connection is not always immediately responsive.

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