Panasonic nn sd681s Microwave Review

Panasonic nn sd681s Microwave Review
Panasonic nn sd681s Microwave Review

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The top rated Panasonic NN-SD681S microwave is emerging up as a perfect addition to any modern kitchen. This microwave is developed by top-class Japanese technology that makes it durable and highly effective for even cooking.


– Panasonic Inverter Technology

-A 4-Digit Blue Readout LED Display

– Allows up to 1200 Watts of Power

-A One-Touch Genius Sensor Cook and Reheat System

-Perfect Size (Measures 15 15/16″ (D) x 20 3/8″ (W) x 11 7/8″ (H), 25.3 lbs.)

-A Time-of-day clock and timer

-Developed with a Stainless Steel Front

-A Child-Safety Lock

Product Description and Benefits:

This microwave is developed with top rated Panasonic Inverter Technology that provides even cooking on every part of your food. This ensures that every part of the meal is subjected to the same amount of heat energy for uniform results. An Inverter Turbo Defrost technology that allows users to defrost food much faster than Panasonic Auto programs is also developed in this top-notch microwave. Defrosting your foods will be much simpler and quicker with this technology. A four-digit LED display with a Programming Icon Dial and buttons that provide quick programming and transfer of optimum heating reports is also fixed onto this new microwave model from Panasonic. This means that the microwave can easily compliment any kitchen decors to provide a unique finish. This microwave is also fitted with a one-touch sensor Cook and Reheat system that allows up to 1200 watts of power, making it suitable for cooking various types of foods such as pasta, omelets, vegetables and potatoes. This system also provides automatic cooking settings that come in handy while preparing your meals. A digital timer for your meals and a time-of-the-day clock are also fitted onto the microwave for convenience. You will not have to turn into your pockets to find a timer from your phone as you prepare your meal. A stainless steel front and door material is also used for durability and easy-to-clean requirements. This means that you can cook even the messiest of foods in this microwave without worrying about the front or door face getting rusty. A child safety lock that inhibits operations while the door is open is also fitted into this first-rate microwave for protection purposes. This will prevent your kids from turning the microwave into some kind of a toy. Pressing the Start button three times locks this safety while pressing the Reset button three times unlocks it. A solid door lock and display that is easy to read add up to the numerous benefits of this microwave.

Customer Reviews:

“There is only one thing that fascinates me on this microwave brand; I like the Panasonic Inverter Turbo Defrost Technology. It is quick in defrosting the food than other standard techniques. This is surely one of the best microwaves in the market.” –Anonymous User

The Cons:

-There is no light produced when you open the door. This might not work well in dark places and for users who are used to having microwaves that produce light as you open the door.

-The dimensions also show that this microwave is a bit compact and cannot be used in preparing very large amounts of food.

The Verdict

Despite the few setbacks, this is a wonderful microwave for home use. It is a great product from great manufacturers and is definitely worth every cent paid out for purchase.

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