Panasonic NE-1022F “NSF”

Panasonic NE-1022F “NSF”
Panasonic NE-1022F “NSF”

Approved 0.8 cuft Stainless Steel Microwave Oven Review The Panasonic NE-1022F is a heavy duty commercial microwave oven. This microwave is great to use in restaurants, convenience stores, offices and it can also be used for heavy home usage. This commercial kitchen device has a lot of great features that will make a great addition to your kitchen. Keep reading to learn more about one of best commercial microwaves on the market.

Features and Benefits

It is easy to program. It has a 6 minute timer with a 15 minute increments. It has a grab and go handle that makes it easy to use. it also has a glass oven screen with a lamp, which make it easy for you to see what’s going on in there when you are cooking something. This microwave allows you to make quick meals and snacks in no time. For your convenience, there is a heating guide that is located below the 6 minute timer, which has the recommended heating times for the commonly used menu items, such as sandwich, soup, pastry and more. This microwave is built to last you a long time and it has a sleek silver look, which will make your kitchen a great sense of style. I don’t know about you, but as for me, I like appliances that make my kitchen look great. I don’t buy kitchen appliances just because they are of great quality and affordable, I buy appliances that are durable and stylish.

Although this device is pretty expensive, most people who have purchased it agree that it is worth the price. This microwave oven is very functional. It doesn’t have any complicated controls, this one is as easy as it can get. It heats evenly. I don’t know how many times, I have used microwaves that don’t heat my food evenly, I get so annoyed by it. This one is a little heavier for home use but it does a great job. it has 1000 watts, which is a lot of power. Although, it is expensive but when compared to consumer type microwaves, it is worth the price and is considered affordable for a commercial device. We all know the saying that you get what you pay for, well, with this kitchen appliance, you will not regret getting it. I have to mention that it doesn’t have turntables since it is a commercial microwave, but it gets the job done, so you don’t have to worry about not doing what’s it is supposed to do.


I guess one of the cons for this product is the fact that it is pretty loud, but that is understandable since it is a commercial type microwave. Some people have mentioned that it is powerful enough or large enough in today’s standard. And a couple of people received microwaves that were defective from the start. This can happen with any product you buy.

Overall, The majority of the people who have purchased the Panasonic NE-1022F are happy. This is a solid commercial microwave that gets the job done when it comes time to heating your food, whether it is used in a home setting or a business setting.

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