Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell Review

Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell Review
Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell Review

With Bluetooth-enabled speakers entering the scene, the ability to rock out is steadily becoming more seamless. The newest of all of these devices is the Outdoor Technology Turtle Shell. It has the capability to deliver a powerful sound and can take on water and dust without falling apart. In this Turtle Shell speaker review I will discuss the design, performance and the general pro’s and con’s.

The Turtle Shell flaunts an unconventional speaker design through with jagged looks and angled cutouts that allows it to best replicate the conventional look of a turtle shell. Although it has a unique design concept, it is solidly manufactured to withstand some very serious punishment. It shows off its sturdiness with its water resistance along with being shock proof and dust proof. It is also IP65 certified so that minor run-ins with splashes will not stop it from delivering some good tunes.
The Turtle Shell’s top has a cutout groove that allows it to hide the speakers. On the bottom surface, there is a passive bass radiator that helps provide 96 decibels of power. There is a flap around the speaker bezel that hides the aux-in and microUSB ports. At the same time, there are three physical buttons found on the opposite side of the speaker that provide users with a number of useful media playback options. Some of these options include volume control, fast reverse or forward, play/pause and reject answer. It also has a bracket on the bottom to let people easily strap it to a bicycle.

For a portable Bluetooth speaker, the overall audio quality of the Turtle Shell’s two speaker drivers is above-average. With its bass driver, people will not only hear the sound, they will also feel it. This also enables it to deliver surprisingly noticeable music beats without being overly muddy at high volumes.
Price Disclaimer
However, the Turtle Shell does not provide a large amount of power. It is good for a medium-sized room but not for a very large one. Performance is not particularly good when the Turtle Shell is used outdoors. At the same time, it has a stated battery life of 9 to 10 hours. This makes this speaker great for non-stop listening to a wide variety of tunes. However, the battery lifespan may be shorter if a user chooses to play music at very high volumes.
The Turtle Shell has several advantages for users.
One of its main advantages is the easy one button setup. This allows people to connect it to their Bluetooth device in a convenient and hassle-free way.
At the same time, it comes in a wide selection of colors such as bright red, black and lime green.
It also has a USB and A/C adapter that allows people to charge it with their laptop or any other type of device that has a built-in USB port in case a wall plug is not available.
Although we already discussed some disadvantages in the Turtle Shell review, there are some areas that Outdoor Technology should really improve on.
One main disadvantage is that it is not as loud as other similar speakers.
At the same time, it comes with a price tag of $15

  • Other Bluetooth speakers found on the market can deliver better performance at a lower price.
  • Aside from that, utilizing the shell itself to help adjust the volume is a bit impractical and slow.

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