Otium One Smartwatch Review

Otium One Smartwatch Review
Otium One Smartwatch Review

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The Otium One Smartwatch may look simple but do not let that fool you. Beneath its simple exterior is an excellent smartwatch waiting to be discovered.

Smartwatch at a Glance…

The Otium One Smartwatch is a sleek looking gadget with simplicity of design at its core. This affordable smartwatch is keen on providing the best possible performance at a low cost which is why the developers, more or less, simplified the look of the Otium One as its focal point is in convenience.

The Otium One Smartwatch looks promising as another great cheap smartwatch but we won’t find out unless we take it out for a test run. How well will it perform? Read on below to find out.

Features & Benefits…

The Otium One Smartwatch has all the necessary and standard features that will make it relevant as a smartwatch. Once you have synced this smartwatch to your smartphone you will be able to receive notification in real time. You won’t miss any important emails, SMS, calls, important events in your calendars or any sort of updates for your apps. As a smartwatch, it passes the basics easily.

On the hardware side, the Otium One has a 1.54” TFT LCD with 2.5D Radian capacitive touch screen. It has a display of 240×240 pixels which is enough to offer a detailed display. The screen is constructed using the OGS laminating process which is a great way to reduce production cost without affecting the integrity of the smartwatch’s screen. This is another factor as to why the Otium One is highly affordable.

Additional features of the Otium One include an Anti-Lost feature which will alert you when your smartphone is suddenly disconnected or out of signal reach. Remote Capture allows users to snap a picture from their smartphone using their smartwatch.

When it comes to fitness and health the Otium One includes a pedometer and sleep monitor and the addition of an audio and video player is a nice touch but would drain your battery life much faster. Still, being able to listen to your tunes is a great feature to have in a smartwatch but the video player? Not really sure that it would fly.

The Otium One can be used as a standalone cell phone as it includes a SIM card slot.

Is this the Smartwatch for you?

If you are looking for one of the best deals around when it comes to smartwatches then few can compare to the Otium One’s combination of low price tag and overall performance and quality. Some issues with its durability are present and it is not exactly an ideal “sports” gadget as it is not waterproof.

That being said, it works well enough outdoors and under the glare of the sun. The straps are also comfortable and will not put a strain on your wrist at all.

The What Best Smartwatch Round Up…

The Otium One Smartwatch is a highly recommended smartwatch for those who are on a tight budget but wants to get the most “bang” out of their buck. This is a simple and user friendly device that is a breeze to operate.

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