Nixplay 18.5 inch Wi-Fi cloud digital photo frame

Nixplay 18.5 inch Wi-Fi cloud digital photo frame
Nixplay 18.5 inch Wi-Fi cloud digital photo frame

If you have a world of photos that document your adventure tourism, are highlights of your family life, the latest renovations of your house or anything else that is important to you, the Nixplay 18.5 inch Wi-Fi cloud digital photo frame is for you. Today, it is easy to take, keep and share crystal-clear photos, and this picture frame is one of the top in the industry.

Large display

The huge 18.5 inch LED screen that has 1366 x 768 pixels is wall mountable for easy viewing, and you can send pictures directly to your parent’s or grandparent’s home from your Android or iPhone no matter where they live, and let them be involved in your life. You can control their frames. You get a free, online account with Nixplay and an email address. There’s also an app that allows you to send photos to any frame with Nixplay at any time anywhere in the world. You get up to five frames and 10 gigs of storage on your free account with up to 500 photos to a frame. If you don’t like lager frames, Nixplay has other sizes, starting as low as 8 inches

Advantages of Using a Large Frame

The motion sensor is also an advantage for reducing energy use. When someone enters the room, the frame automatically turns on and when there is no one in the room it automatically turns off. You can set the timings for both on and off from five minutes to one hour with the convenient remote control. If you have several screens at an event or office, one remote will control them all at the same time, or one by one. You can also set the timing according to the time, for example, to turn off at midnight. This is also useful for tech-challenged relatives or friends who just want to see the photos and not deal with the frame.

If you’re serious about your photos, you may want to have more than one of these digital frames. Photo sharing becomes so easy that your grandparents aren’t the only ones who’ll benefit. You have complete control of the photos you display and can edit and delete at any time. Imaging the thrill of sending a selfie to all your friends and family from the top of a mountain you just spent a week climbing. Or more down-to-earth, you may want your friend’s opinion on several pairs of shoes you’re considering buying. You can set the frames to display your newly-added photos first, before starting the previous slideshow, and you can set it so that the latest photos continue to play first for up to a week.

Good Customer Support

Customer support is very important for Nixplay, and they provide full-time email and phone customer support that is only for Nixplay cloud customers. They have an active blog where you’ll get timely feedback for your questions about your Nixplay digital photo frame.

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