LG G Smartwatch Review

LG G Smartwatch Review
LG G Smartwatch Review

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If you want a smartwatch that uses a mostly up to date tech at a reasonable price then you can never go wrong with the LG G Smartwatch.

Smartwatch at a Glance…

Welcome to our review of the LG G Smartwatch. This is sleek looking device with an equally comfortable strap that will make wearing this device easy and snappy. The smartwatch comes in two colors: black and white gold. LG is a well-known and established brand name in technology but they are relatively new in the world of wearable devices, specifically smartwatches. How does the LG G Smartwatch fare and does it have that signature quality we have come to expect from LG? Let us find out.

Features & Benefits…

The LG G Smartwatch currently has a moderately high price tag. As this is from a well-known brand this is expected and is actually one of the more affordable brand smartwatches in the market today. If you want something that has the backing of a well-known brand name then this one might be a good choice if you are on a bit of a tight budget.

The device is compatible with smartphone devices that uses Android 4.3 OS and above. It is not compatible with iOS devices so keep that in mind. It includes all the basic features such as call and SMS alerts, phonebook sync and dial and call.

The LG G Smartwatch is designed specifically for Android Wear and completely takes advantage of all the features and functionalities associated with the smartwatch OS. The device is voice activated and with the power of Android Wear, users get full customization capabilities.

It uses a 1.2GHz Qualcomm processor for quick and easy app browsing. The device is also water and dust proof with an IP67 rating which means it can work at up to 1 meter underwater. The device uses a 400 mAh battery which allows it to work to full capability for up to one day and can last up to a couple more days when primarily used on standby mode.

The Android Wear is the biggest strength of this device as this OS is programmed primarily to be used with smartwatches. This OS learns your habits and organizes your apps so that your favorites or most used will always be a touch away.

Is this Smartwatch for you?

If you want a smartwatch that uses a mostly up to date tech at a reasonable price then you can never go wrong with the LG G Smartwatch. While it is not exactly the best one out there, it does have all the standard features you will need and with the help of a great smartwatch OS such as the Android Wear you will be able to expand on its functionalities by a mile.

What Best Smartwatch Round Up…

All in all, the LG G Smartwatch is a dependable smartwatch that maybe a little rough around the edges but nothing that will be a deal breaker. The battery life is also an issue so be sure to remember that it has a rather limited batter lifespan. Other than those downsides this is actually a well-made and good quality smartwatch that will tide you down if you need something to make the use of your smartphone even more convenient.

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