JBL Charge Review

JBL Charge Review
JBL Charge Review

The last time many people checked out a portable speaker manufactured by JBL, they were impressed by the Flip’s capability to deliver a big-league blast of sound. It filled their room with a detailed and concise sound signature along with an exterior design that was a refreshing break from the usual rectangles that people have grown accustomed to. Now, they are back with the JBL Charge. In this JBL Charge review we will discuss the design, performance and general pro’s and con’s.

This is an unofficial refresh of the Flip. At the same time, it aims to rectify the deficiencies found in the Flip. This was done by providing a more durable plastic cell and better battery life to make it a friendlier option for users who frequent the great outdoors.
The JBL Charge features a rugged design that closely follows the encouraging durability in the present generation of Bluetooth portable speakers. This also allows consumers to tinker with their high-tech toys. The Charge has a tough plastic coating and vivid color pattern that gives it a sporty aesthetic.
Although it does not make any claims of being water resistant like a lot of speakers now do, the exterior feels strong enough to drop it from a very good height without any disastrous repercussions. Aside from that, it has dual strips of rubber found on the base. This helps the Charge stay steady when it is placed lengthwise. It also has flat rims found on its side that allows it to be oriented vertically. These two features help it to provide a more linear and convenient path for sound.
The JBL Charge also has a metal speaker screen that is placed conveniently inside its right flank to reveal the bass port. At its opposing end, it has a flap that totally covers the USB port. This allows users to charge their smartphones and other devices.

Although the Charge is noticeably lacking in features, it makes up for it in sheer audio performance. In short, this little cylinder is great for providing high-quality sounds. At the same time, it gives people rich definition along with some of the brawniest velocity in its class. This also enables it to blast the room at full volume and helps it easily cut through outdoor ambiance. The speaker’s punchy and bright upper register allows it to produce sound with fluid clarity and potent detail. It also helps it spread the sound cleanly through the audio field.
Price Disclaimer
Although there are times when the vocals tend to have a lot of bite on the attack, users are treated to rich and articulate leads. At the same time, it adds an impressive level of dimension in any background sound to help users enjoy winding down and listening to their favorite tunes.
One of the main advantages that people can obtain when they use this device is that it has the capability to produce high-quality stereo sound along with good bass.
At the same time, it has a long battery life with a playback time that can be more than 12 hours.
Aside from that, it also acts as an external battery to help recharge mobile devices.
Another selling point is that it has Bluetooth connectivity that enables users to stream their music wireless.
Although it has lots of unique advantages that can help people enjoy their music, there are some areas that could be improved in the Charge.
Sounds can get a little muddled on more heated tracks.
At the same time, the speakers have a tendency to drop off significantly around the 199Hz line.
Aside from that, some people say that they could have used a bit more warmth especially in the lower mids.

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